What certifications would satisfy the IA BBP for IAT level II?

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CISSP or Security+
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Would a man who is totally satisfied with his wife still cheat on her?

Answer Would a satisfied husband cheat A= Not necessarily "would" but "could". Similar for a totally satisfied wife, too. Factors could include alcohol, being away from home, being seduced, etc. A= It all depend on how much he love, trust, and respect his wife. Now a days in our modern times e ( Full Answer )

What is IAS?

Internet Authentication Service (IAS) is the Microsoft implementation of a Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service (RADIUS) server and proxy in Windows Server 2003. As a RADIUS server, IAS performs centralized connection authentication, authorization, and accounting for many types of network acce ( Full Answer )

How do you satisfy?

girls usually satisfy themselves by fingering with 2 fingers and guys usually satisfy themselves by masturbating and ejaculating

If you surgically filled a humans body with food would their hunger be satisfied how would it feel?

Bloated, sick, wrong... Eating is as much a mental activity as a physical one. If you don't physically EAT... then you wont produce the digestive enzymes and acids to digest... digestion starts from the MOUTH.. oh yeah and your brain needs to register that you are "digesting" if you just stick ( Full Answer )

What is satisfying?

To achieve and be content with a satisfactory outcome, say when solving a problem, instead of trying to arrive to a better solution say cheaper and easier to carry out.

What would satisfy you in a job?

Something that often satisfies a person with a job is a goodworking environment. Also decent pay will satisfy a person withtheir job. Allowing for time off and room for advancement makes aperson satisfied as well.

What does it mean when you are asked if you are satisfied with your level of emotional development?

That Emotional Development! . Oh, my God! What has this world come to? Who can self-define " emotional development? How easily this question could have been put: are you happy with yourself? Yes, my dear, this sophisticated teacher of yours - and I assume that this statement came from the mouth ( Full Answer )

The lyrics for BBP- Candy Floss?

Candy Floss - Bbp We all live in a candy shop We are made of candy floss We all live in a candy shop We are all made of candy floss We all live in a candy shop With toffee walls and floors that creek with fizzy pop We are all made of candy floss Wear chocolate clothes and buttons m ( Full Answer )

What is IA?

Measures that protect and defend Information and information systems. Information Assurance (IA) is the practice of managing information-related risks. More specifically, IA practitioners seek to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and their delivery systems, in add ( Full Answer )

What food would satisfy hunger and thirst for a bearded dragon?

Feed them crickets and/or other similar insects (avoid fireflies and exotic insects). Also feed them carrots cut up into quartered slices and leafy vegetables. These lizards are omnivores and need both plant and animal foods for good nutrition.

Would a iat sensor make a car not start?

My 2000 Dakota would not start unless i gave it gas until it was warm. And it was the IAT. So try giving it gas until it warms up and see if it will run

Are you satisfied with what you Have?

Personally I can say yes! I have God and he is truly satisfying! People in a modern secular society seek to find satisfation in: Money Sex Fame Someone famous like *shudders* Justin Bieber probably has all three of these. I'm not doubting that he thinks he is happy. I'm sure he or any ( Full Answer )

Would you feel satisfied if someone gives you an evasive answer?

As a response to a misleading question - maybe, but in general, it is not wise to be asking a question to which you do not yet have the answer. That is - the only knowledge you should seek to gain by posing a question, is to know the person answering it, and if you do not know the true answer yourse ( Full Answer )

How can you be satisfied with what you are?

You can be satisfied with who you are when you are always honest with yourself, do the best you can, treat others the best you can, don't beat yourself up for being human and making human mistakes, recognize your own responsibilities, don't shirk your responsibilities, don't make excuses for your mi ( Full Answer )

How would you see ia a sentence had a comma splice?

A comma splice occurs when two independent clauses are joined by only a comma. If each of the two parts separated by the comma can stand on its own as a complete sentence, then you have a comma splice. Example: I did not get any sleep before my early flight, I slept on the plane. Each of the two pa ( Full Answer )

What to do for IAS?

There are lots of things you can do for the IAS, including raisingand/or donating money foot a cure for AIDS.

That Americans would have been satisfied with president Obama in the 1690s?

No, of course not. But it would not necessarily have been Barack Obama's fault. It was a very different world: for example, there was no United States in the 1690s-- just some British colonies in North America. Thus, there was no constitution or first amendment-- no freedom of the press, no freedom ( Full Answer )