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you can find unown I in Weepth chamber, unown ! in Viapois chamber, and unown ? in Monean chamber.

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Q: What chamber has unown I question and exclamation mark in Pokemon leaf green?
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Does the unknown create another Pokemon in GBA leaf green version?

The unown is a Pokemon and doesn't create any other Pokemon its its own Pokemon that looks like the alphabet. See if you can find the question mark, exclamation mark and the key unown(hint look in the monean chamber and viapois chamber also there very rare).

What is inside the Monean Chamber in Pokemon leaf green?

Some Unowns

How long does it take to find the unoun Pokemon question and exclamation mark in Pokemon FireRed?

Forever. Would you like to know why? Because ! and ? unowns don't exist in Fire Red Leaf Green or any of the previous versions for GBA. :)

How old is green from Pokemon?

there is no answer to that question.

Is the Pokemon unknown in Pokemon emerald if so where is it?

Sorry, but it isn't. If you were really desperate for one you could find it in Fire Red or Leaf Green (They're common in the Dilford Chamber, Liptoo Chamber, Monean Chamber, Rixy Chamber, Scufib Chamber, Viapolis Chamber and the Weepth Chamber). Then when you have caught it in that game you can trade it to your Emerald game. BE WARNED: By trading a Pokemon from a separate game, it will add the whole pokedex, (as there is a different pokedex for each generation of game) so you will have tons of empty spaces on your Emerald game that you can only fill through trades. My advise: Don't bother, just go without on your emerald game and keep it in a Fire Red/Leaf Green game if you have one.

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stupid question, Nintendo event!

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you can not roast marsh mellos on leaf green or any Pokemon game this is a stupid question and a waste of my time

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Pokemon leaf green and fire red question how do you get mew forever in Pokemon leaf green and fire red:After you defeat Gary in the Pokemon league go to cerulean cave and enter this cheat code and you'll find him inside. sgqfsgahsfqcsgfag gfqfdgqdfdagt

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There are alot of Pokemon in Leaf Green ( about 200).

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you ARE ash in Pokemon leaf green

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No green orb exists in Pokemon emerald.

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When did Pokemon Green come out?

The original Pokemon Green came out only in Japan, in 1996. The remake of Green, Leaf Green, was released in 2004.

Where is the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon leaf-green?

Cinnibar Island Hope this helps

Where do you get pollywhirl in pokemon leaf green?

You can get Pollywhirl in Pokemon Leaf Green in Virdian City.

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