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Modern Germany is democratic and peaceful. There have been several determined and fairly successful attempts to 'confront the past'. There is legislation in place against extremists and Nazism. Public sector employees are expected to be firmly committed to democracy. Pacifism is very widespread. Germany is firmly embedded in the European Union and co-operates effectively with its EU partners.

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What was happening in 1999?

world events

What is global events?

Events that are happening around the world at the same time

What can the world do to prevent the holocaust from happening?

The world ended the Holocaust in 1945.

What important events were happening in the world during Beethoven's lifetime?

The french revolution was happening at that time.

How can the world prevent the soptember 11 bombngs from happening again?

They can not.

What world events were happening when the composer Carl Orff was alive?

== ==

What are some good changes happening in the world these days?

Jesus. :)

What world events were happening in 1999?

it was pakistans first war with england

What was the nation's purpose of the United Nations?

Really it was to prevent another World War from happening and to prevent the damage from the last 2 World Wars

What other important world events were happening in the world at the same time as the french revolution?

your butt

Where there any events going on during Gregor Mendel's lifetime?

Yes, there were events happening all over the world.

What was the point of having nuclear bombs to destroy the world?

To prevent it from happening. Seriously, that was the reason.

What major events are happing in Ecuador?

some of the major events that are happening in Ecuador is the water drainage in the rocky mountains that where carried over by the mountain in Colorado and that is what is happening in the World of Ecuador in South America!

What world events were happening at the time Joseph Haydn was composing music?

jesus was born

Was anything done to try and prevent the Armenian genocide from happening?

The Armenian genocide took place between 1915 and 1923 with most events happening between 1915 and 1917. During this time World War I was unfolding and no armed intervention to stop the genocide ever occurred.

What major events in history were happening while Douglas MacArthur was alive?

World War II

What major world events were happening during the 1600-1776?

much interesting happened

What historical events were happening during the time of Piet Mondrian?

World War 1 and most of World War 2.

What were the US goals after World War 2?

To prevent anything like World War 2 or the holocaust from ever happening again.

What are some current events happening in the world today?

Obama becoming president. Obama becoming president.

When Vincent van Gogh painted the sunflowers in 1889 what events were happening in the world?

Click link below!

What were world or historical events happening around the 1900s?

they had bad day that time because they had no job and school

What are 3 world events that were happening while Martha Washington was alive?

revolutionary war against france

What does the word current events mean in social studies?

"Current events" are anything happening in the world at the time of the class, basically within the last year or so.

How can you prevent events like the Holocaust from happening again?

The Holocaust is the work of some very evil people. Genocides still happen around the world but only large officials or groups of people can stop it. The events that took place in the Holocaust may never happen again but honestly no one knows. The best way to prevent things like the Holocaust is to learn from the past and not do it again in the future.

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