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Q: What changes have occurred in basketball to maximize sporting ability or reduce the risk of injury?
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How is science present in a soccer game?

to either maximize sporting ability or reducing the risk of injury

Which sport requires more athletic ability basketball or wrestling?

I'd say basketball requires more athletic ability because all they do in wrestling is hurt each other.

Can basketball increase your thinking ability?

that depends on your definition of "thinking ability". Basketball requires so much focus and attention when playing at a high level, So yes, it probably does.

What has the author Donald F Dahl written?

Donald F. Dahl has written: 'The relationship of jump shooting ability in basketball to selected measurable traits' -- subject(s): Basketball, Ability testing

What do basketball scouts look for in a player?

Basketball Scouts Look For Good Defense , Lots of Footwork Passing ; Scoring ability

How many sports people are there in Austrtalia?

There is no exact number as anyone with a sporting ability is classified as a sports person.

How is Michael Jordan so good at basketball?

Natural ability and practice.

Is golf a past time?

pfft hell no, golf takes sporting ability, i mean have you me I'm great. So Lauren, put this in your pipe and smoke. Golf is a sport and theres nothing you can do about it Golf is not a sport, it is a pass time. He doesnt know what he's talking about. Where is the sporting ability? Ey?

Does age affect your sporting ability? is because the muscles of all people will become weaker if they become old.

Can women dunk in a basketball game?

maybe depends on their height and jumping ability

What is the best sport for people who lost the ability to use their legs?

Wheelchair basketball

Does a persons height affect his or her ability to successfully make a jump shot in basketball?


How would you use the word height in a sentence?

"His height was a factor in his ability to dunk a basketball."

What is Kobe best known for in basketball?

his creative moves and ability to shoot over superstars.

He has taken... basketball like a duck to water?

It means that it seems that the ability to play basketball well came naturally. Ducks naturally know how to swim.

How does culture affect your sporting ability in sport?

black people tend to AMAZING at every sport that has a ball. which happens to be a majority of sports

Can girls basketball league dunk?

Yes, plenty of women in the WNBA have the natural ability to dunk.

Does sex before a basketball game increase performance in leaping ability?

No. It's just a rumor

Does a persons height affect his or her ability to succesfully make a jump shot in basketball?

no it depends on their shot

What are the tactical goals of an organization?

tactical goals of a FOR PROFIT organization is to maximize shareholders wealth. Goals of a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization are to fulfill its mission statement to the best of its ability.

Do you have to go to colle ge to be a basketball player?

Technically, if you play basketball at any point you are a basketball player. Since you can play in a driveway or a local court, a college education is not required. If you meant professionally, the answer is no. Your ability to perform well in academia has nothing to do with your ability to play ball. Kobe Bryant is the best example I can think of for an NBA player that didn't go to college.

How much do basketball players get?

The salary of basketball players ranges depending on their ability. For example, Kobe Bryant, one of the most successful basketball players of all time earned 30.45 million dollars thus far in 2014.

Fun facts about Basketball?

fun, keeps you active, build your ability to interact with a team, and keeps you happy

What was the Hepburn Act of 1906?

The Hepburn Act of 1906 allowed the Interstate Commerce Commission the ability to extend its jurisdiction. It also gave them power to maximize railroad rates.

What has the author Lauren Carlile Bradway written?

Lauren Carlile Bradway has written: 'How to maximize your child's learning ability' -- subject(s): Aids and devices, Education, Handbooks, manuals, Learning ability, Learning disabled children, Neurolinguistic programming, Teaching