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What changes might occur in the hydrological cycle were the climate is to warm or cool?

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Q: What changes might occur in the hydrological cycle is your climate were to warm or cool significantly?
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What drives the hydrological cycle?

The forceing of what drives hydrological cycle is the sun.

What changes might occur in the hydrological cycle were the climate is to warm or cool significantly?

If the climate becomes too warm, that could lead to an increase in the melting of the polar ice caps. This would make the hydrologic cycle increase for water, and make a lot of rain and evaporation. An increase in cooling would lead to the slower hydrologic cycle of the water, as it would stay frozen for longer periods.

The scientific name for the water cycle?

hydrological cycle

What is the other name of the water cycle?

Hydrological Cycle

What is another name for the hydrological cycle?

The water cycle.

What is true about the hydrological cycle?


Why is the hydrological cycle?

Hydrological cycle is also called water cycle.It involves transfer of water from land to air and then back to earth.

What does hydrological cycle mean in the water cycle?

it is the scientific term for the water cycle

Why does water never ends?

It is in the hydrological cycle

What is a good sentence using or containing hydrological?

The hydrological cycle contains evaporation as one of its components.

What are facts about the hydrological cycle?

-the hydrological cycle is also called the water cycle -it consists of precipitation, evaporation, transpiration, and condensation -it happens over, and over again, and again

What is a water cycle called?

The hydrological cycle. That's what its called in England anyway!

How does water change?

The water cycle is also known as the hydrological cycle or H20 cycle describes

What is the synonym for water cycle?

Hydrological cycle is the synonym for water cycle. Hydro means water.

Is Climate change a threat to seasonal cycle?

No, the cycle is driven by the Earths Tilt and Orbit. However the cycle will be modified in its effects by climate changes happening on the Earth.

What is the hydrolic cycle?

It is the circular path of water in its various phases that gives the hydrological cycle its form cycle...

Why is the hydrological cycle referred to as a closed system?

Hydrological cycle is referred to as a closed system since it covers a closed path. Water travels from land to air , and then back to land.

What title should be for water cycle?

Hydro means water. Therefore title can be hydrological cycle.

What are Water vapors that rise from plants into the air?

Transpiration is a process in the Hydrological Cycle where moisture carried through plants changes into vapor and is released from leaves into the atmosphere.

How can humans affect the hydrological cycle?

i don't know!!!!!!!!! i need found

What process does water enter the ground during hydrological cycle?


Short-term changes in climate on earth may related to?

sunspots cycle

How is water distributed on the planet?

water is distribute through the biosphere in a cycle known as the water or hydrological cycle.

What has the author Richard Somerville written?

Richard Somerville has written: 'Observational and modeling studies of clouds and the hydrological cycle' -- subject(s): Satellite observation, Hydrological cycle, Clouds, Cloud physics, Parameterization

How do you reduce hydrological cycle problems?

By planting more trees.By not causing pollution.