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It's important to note that while your Dual Citizenship may be recognized by Another Country, the US does not recognize dual citizenship. For Immigration purposes, this means that you cannot travel to the US on a foreign passport if you are a US citizen. == == The US laws on dual citizenship are somewhat ambigious. The US law states that you remain a citizen unless you a)Voluntarily apply for citizenship of another country with B) the intention of renouncing your US citizenship. So, for example, if you are a US citizen by birth, you may become a naturalized citizen of Canada. Canada does not require renouncing other citizenships, so you remain a citizen of both countries. If you are a citizen of the UK, their laws would determine if you can retain your citizenship after becoming a naturalized citizen of the US. Basically, becoming a naturalized citizen of country A may not automatically eradicate your citizenship in country B, depending on the laws of country B. Some countries, such as Iraq, require you to renounce all other citizenships. There is a long list of countries that do not allow dual citizenships (do a google search.) If you specifically want to renounce your US citizenship, you do so by filling out a form and filing it with the US embassy.

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Q: What changes were made in 2002 to the laws allowing dual citizenship between UK and USA?
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