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The television show the amazing race comes on channel two. The shows comes on Sundays at 7:00p.m. They also have reruns of the amazing race on other days such as Saturdays.

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You have to be at least 21 to be on the best show on this entire planet, The Amazing Race!!!

A channel is a show that comes with the the number.

Second place wins nothing on the show "The Amazing Race." That said, whichever team comes in second place has most likely won smaller prizes throughout the season upon their check ins at Pit Stops. The winning team of "The Amazing Race" wins $1 million. "The Amazing Race" is a reality TV game show in which teams of two people compete with other teams for a race around the world.

The Amazing Race has won three Grammy Awards and a Best Race Competition Show award.

Amazing Race 14 will premiere February 15 at 8 on CBS

The show Hawthorne comes on TNT.

There are so many seasons for The Amazing Race because it is an interesting show with variety, and the viewing rate is very high still.

it's an amazing show but i don't think so !

There are several international versions of the Amazing Race, so depending on your part of the world.. there might be a version of the show for your country/region. Check the official Amazing Race page for your country to catch up on the latest auditions and application process.

i really really do hope The Muppet Show comes back, but I don't think it was on Disney Channel.

Canada has their own Amazing Race show. A team ran by us in Vancouver, B.C. about three years ago. We saw the clue box, etc. and the camera man.

"The Ellen Show" is a talk show hosted by American comedian Ellen DeGeneres. The channel it comes on depends upon where the viewer is located. Visit to find a channel near you.

The Amazing Race is a realty game show TV program broadcast in the United States. It features teams of people racing around the world trying to win the $1m prize.

In order to participate in The Amazing Race, the competitors in a team have to share a certain relationship. As such, so long as any sag members have such a relationship and meet other qualifications, they can appear on the show.

Most of the time it is on channel 25 or on Saturdays in the early morning it comes on abc channel 10. Or atleast here on my tv.

the daily show with Jon Stewart & the amazing race

if your asking wether all teams that apply get on the show the answer is no. it would be impossible to allow everybody who auditions a spot in the show

It depends on your cable provider. The show comes on VH1.

Miley Cyrus is an amazing singer and actor! she has a hit show on Disney channel called Hannah Montana

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Channel 5 are always late when picking up another amazing show like this. Hopefully they will in the upcoming months!

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The Amazing Race, The Simpsons, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

The NASCAR RaceDay Show was on SPEED (Dish-150). The race was on FOX.

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