What channel is Disney xd on optimum?


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what channel is Disney XD on

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It is, but I saw someone say that it's owned by Disney Channel, and it's not. It's owned by The Walt Disney Company and its shows are made by Walt Disney Television.

No. Disney XD is a cable channel.

well you can find it on Disney channel and Disney channel +1

Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and DisneyXD

No, Disney XD and Disney Channel are two separate television channels. Disney XD is just a sister channel to Disney Channel, and it's only avaliable if you have satelite or cable television programming. But It's Rumoured That On August 19, It Will Premiere On Family Channel.....

The channel jetix was replaced with disney channel or disney xd

If you mean Virgin Media the channels are: Disney Channel (724) Disney Channel +1 (725) Disney XD (707) Disney XD +1 (708)

disney XD is on 607 and disney XD+1 is on 608

Disney XD is for more a teenage age group and Disney Channel is for Pre-Schoolers and above

On AT&T cable, Disney channel is 302 Disney XD is 304

Disney Channel, Disney XD, and if your in Canada Teletoon

Yes Disney XD will be on a different channel than Disney Channel. For more information go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disney_XD

They do have a HD channel, but it is for all the Disney channels. it is called Disney XD.

It is going to be on Disney Channel. Hope this helps.

It will be on the Disney channel and Disney channel XD

miely cyrus is on disney channel if you have optimum the the number channel 1s 31 if you dont have optimum well,..... good luck with that!!!!!!!!!

what is the frequncey of desney channel xd

The Disney XD channel is expected in India later this year.

There are no Disney Channel Games this summer. Disney has announced a new charity event that will involve Disney Channel and Disney XD stars.

Disney is a channel mostly watched by girls, so they wanted to make a similiar channel aimed at boys. I suppose the XD in the name says it all.

Disney XD is on channel 174 with DISH Network. It is included in our America's Top 200 programming package and above.

if you don't have direct TV then its channel 48

It's a kids channel called Disney XD

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