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What channel is jetix?


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The channel jetix was replaced with Disney channel or disney xd

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jetix and jetix+1 jetix and jetix+1

it depends if your on sky or virgin media Sky - Jetix - 607 Jetix + - 608 Virgin media - Jetix - 707 Jetix + - 708 jetix on now tv is 6544 channel toondisney to

ur wrong after i read this false information my heart couldnt handle and i struck my wife and kids now im suffering a crippling divorce and completating suicide each breath i take is like a knife running through my chest and getting stabbed in the testicles repeatedly

290, not showing anymore

If you mean Jetix, Disney retired the Jetix brand in 2009 and replaced it with Disney XD (or Disney Channel in some countries). The last remaining Jetix in the world was in Russia, and was replaced by Disney Channel on August 10, 2010.

Jetix no longer exists on any TV provider. It was re-branded to Disney XD as of 2009. You can find that channel on Ch. 174 on DISH!

Jetix is not on anymore they changed it to Disney xd. They put on the old shows sometimes in the middle of the night. I was shocked when it came off.

Jetix is long gone. All you got now is Disney XD which is an embarrasement to the memory of Power Rangers, Get Ed, and Dragon Booster.

IT USED TO BE 323 But they cancled that sorry, this wasn't a help at all

The Jetix block of Toon Disney still airs reruns of it sometimes.

Jetix! Yay! (Where you can also find pokemon☺)

look i don't think the jetix channel is still there so i'm sorry to say that there would be world of quest season 3 air

Wel I don't think there is a channel for it....yet....but I heard it may come to dstv in the 1st half of 2009(think its a rumar). (Pokemonfanzo) I wanna watch dragon booster, i loved when i was a little girl in `05, where`s jetix`s new dish channel, and what time does dragon booster come on?

Sadly, no. Jetix was closed in August 10 2010. it was re branded to Disney XD. But there a roomers saying that Disney XD might come to foxtel instead. They once had Fox kids in Australia until 2004. since Fox kids was re branded to Jetix in other country's, why didn't they keep the channel and just re name it Jetix instead?

it's on all day it has it's own channel now. It use to be jetix

Digimon Data Squad was the last one before the extinction of the channel.

The company Jetix was replaced by Disney XD. Disney XD is a channel that is run by Disney and shows mainly cartoons are shows for the pre-teen demographic. Sadly, some of the shows that were once seen on Jetix were not transferred to Disney XD and are no longer on air.

Jetix Scandinavia ended in 2009.

Jetix Scandinavia was created in 1998.

Since Jetix changed to Disney XD, The Jetix website doesn't exist anymore.

Never, they canceled Jetix!!!

because it came on jetix and when jetix turned into Disneyxd they took most of the toon Disney and jetix cartoons

jetix is bettter. i have to agree with this person getix is better.

Sonic X was on Jetix, and probably comes on at a different time.

There is a font that resembles it that is fan-made called JETIX, but you have to download it.

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