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cartoon network which varies in channel number depending on what region you are in

Where did Starwars come from?

Answer . from a galaxy far far away---------'Starwars' the movies was the brainchild of the director George Lucas

What is Starwars?

Starwars is a science-fiction series of movies that was created by George Lucas. There are currently 7 Starwars films (if you include the animated film "The Clone Wars"). In chronological order of the Starwars timeline they are . Episode I: The Phantom Menace. . Episode II: Attack of the Clones ( Full Answer )

Is starwars real?

No.....maybe it is only real if your name is Tim or tyler, or your a lizard. George Lucas wuz not here

Will They Have Another Starwars?

they haven't planned a seventh movie, but there is three more episodes after the sixth that they might eventually put into film They are not making any more actual non-animated movies.

Is starwars possible?

if by possible, you mean if starwars could actually exist in the form it is in the movies, with the laws of today, then no. one big way to show this is when they are flying x-wings, they can maneuver them in space, with only the rear engines. in space there is no air so there would be nothing for th ( Full Answer )

What is the point of Starwars?

\n. \nStarwars is a thing where good battles evil. Good is the Republic or Rebels. And Evil is the Separatists or Empire. I highly recommend this series.

Who is padme in starwars?

Padme is Anakin's wife. When he goes to the DARK SIDE she loses the will to live and Anakin crushed her hyoid bone, which caused her death. She died giving birth to Luke and Leia.

LEGO starwars cheats?

Hi,. If you visit the links below you can get cheats for Lego Starwars 1/2 + The complete saga.. Link to Game Winners cheat code home page:. http://www.gamewinners.com/Cheats/index.php/Main_Page. Note:You must copy this link into your browser to access it.

Starwars battlefront 2?

Please be more descriptive. It is an awesome game where you can be the cis , the rebels , the empire , and republic, my all time favorite. You can be jedi's and sith's. It already came out. I think in 2006 or something like that. You should get it if you dont have it already. But if you dont even ( Full Answer )

How old is starwars?

Star Wars came out in May 1977, so as of February 2014, it isnearly 37 years old

Will there be a starwars 7?

Ah...very good question. You know I've been woundering that myself. George Lucas planned to do all 10 starwars movies, But it only ended up with 6. I hope the do make some more of them. They made lots of books about starwars that would make great movies. One of them I just finished today was called ( Full Answer )

Will there be a seventh starwars movie?

\n. \nLucasfilm made an animated Starwars that was released on August 15, 2008. Star Wars: The Clone Wars , But there is no mention of a 7th movie coming out, only that the six others will be remade for a 3-D format.\n. \nThere will however be a Starwars series. It currently is set for debut so ( Full Answer )

Is there going to be a starwars battlefront 3?

I dont think they are sure. last time i checked they canceled the original project but it may have updated by now. apparently you are going to be able to go from land to space without loading screens.

Will they make another starwars movie?

Lucasfilm made an animated Starwars that was released on August 15, 2008. Star Wars: The Clone Wars , But there is no mention of a 7th movie coming out, only that the six others will be remade for a 3-D format.\n. \nThere will however be a Starwars series. It currently is set for debut sometime ( Full Answer )

You love starwars?

I don't just love it; it's my life. I call myself a Star Wars junkie

What are the names of all the droids in starwars?

There are many droids in Star Wars. Some of the ones not meant for battle are protocal droids (C-3PO), Astromich droids (R2-D2), Gonk droids, ect. Some meant for battle during the clone wars are battle droids, super battle droids, destroyer droids (also calles droidekas), and General Greivous' body ( Full Answer )

When was starwars started?

The very first Star Wars movie was released in 1977. So as of 2011, Star Wars has been out for 34 years

Starwars the force unleashed cheats?

I only no 4 but there are others CORTOSIS-Infinite health VERGENCE-Infinite Force COUNTDOOKU-Unlock all force powers TYRANNUS-Max all Force powers to maximum level

Cheats for starwars the force unleashed?

Cortosis vergence countdooku tyrannus grand moff speeder katarn chosenone these are some cheats that i know!!!!! (all in capital letters)

What is the theme of starwars?

The Star Wars Original Trilogy is the story of the Hero's Journey. The Star Wars saga taken as a whole follows the rise, fall, and redemption of Anakin Skywalker as a tragic hero.

Who composed the theme song for starwars?

\nJohn Williams.\n. \nHe composed for all the Starwars films, and the Indiana Jones films.\n. \nHe's also done movies such as Superman Returns.

What are the Lego starwars 2010 sets?

January 2010 8083-Rebel Trooper Battle Pack 8084-Snow Trooper Battle Pack 8085-Freeco Speeder 8086-Droid Tri-Fighter 8087-TIE Defender 8092-Luke's Land speeder August 2010 ( rumored ) 8089-Wampa Attack 8093-Plo Koon's Jedi Star fighter 8095-General Grievous's Star fighter 8096-Palpatine's Shut ( Full Answer )

Will there be another starwars?

Star-Wars was bought out by disney, there is a small chance of a new movie. But most likely not based on Obi Wan, and the bunch. But there is animated series on the internet, free i think.

How do you be a jedi in starwars battlefront 1?

The Jedi Player Mode was not introduced until Battle Front 2, so you cannot play as a Jedi in BF1. But, there is a setting where Jedi can be set on the battlefield as computer controlled characters.

Who is bane in starwars?

Bane is a bounty hunter from Star Wars the Clone Wars TV series, and the Hutt council hired him to free Ziro the hutt--captured during the movie for trying to kill Jabba's son Rotta--from the senate prison, and he holds the senate hostage and eventually managed to free him. however the hutts hired h ( Full Answer )

Where is the spice in starwars?

spice is mined on planets and semi planets such as Kessel and used in medicine or on the black market as a narcotic

What are all the starwars characters?

You asked for all of them!!!! . Admiral Ackbar - portrayed by Timothy M. Rose and voiced by Erik Bauersfeld . Commands the Rebel fleet in their attack against the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi . Ackbar was a Mon Calamari leader and military commander. Aptly given a name that means "self ( Full Answer )

Who is ygabba in starwars?

Ygabba as a young human girl who stole Boba Fett's helmet. Boba chased the girl to find she was working for a Neimodian who was paying her with food. Boba killed the Neimodian for a bounty and Ygabba was reunited with her father.

How many starwar movies are there?

Well, If you count the cartoon Star Wars: The Clone Wars, there are 7. If you don't count the clone wars, theres 6. Heres a list of them all Star Wars I - The Phantom Menace Star Wars II - Attack of the Clones Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith Star Wars IV - A New Hope Star Wars V - The Empire S ( Full Answer )

What is starwars battlefront 3 about?

Currently, it is about nothing as it doesn't exist. There has been no release and while Lucasarts has not denied that there will be a SWBF3, neither have they confirmed it. Some people refer to SWBF: Elite Squad (I think) as version 3 but technically it is only a PSP version, nothing more. If ( Full Answer )

How many starwars films are there?

There are 6 films (7 if you count the pilot film for the famous CGI-animated Clone Wars television series)

How do you play starwars on the trombone?

d d d g d c b a g d c b a g d c b c a OR hold a low g hold a staff bar d staff bar c staff bar b staff bar a hold high g staff bar d repeat from the c staff bar c staff bar b staff bar c hold staff bar a sorry if i'm wrong that was how I learned it.

How many starwars books are there?

As of Mar. 9 there are about 295 books with stories ranging from full size novels to young readers books and even game books (not RPG books) which tell a cohesive story. If you want to include comics there are about are about 120 trade paperbacks and another 60 single issue comics which are only ava ( Full Answer )

What are mandalorians on starwars?

Mandalorians are a nomadic group of clan-based people that consists of multiple species (mostly humans) and gender (mostly male) that are bound by a common culture. Most Mandalorians are bounty hunters. Jango and Boba Fett are examples of Mandalorian bounty hunters. While some are not bounty hunters ( Full Answer )

Who said i hate you on starwars?

The most famous "I hate you" is when Vader screamed it to Obi-Wan shortly before being burned alive on the volcanic planet Mustafar (which is the reason why he had to live in a cyborg body the rest of his life)

Why is there no blood in starwars?

Lightsabers and blasters are both laser weapons, and when they have enough power to cut through something, they generate lots of heat. So basically the heat from the laser cauterizes the wound and seals it.

Is starwars a book?

yes actually there are more than one there are kids beginner books and a couple chapter books

What is starwars based on?

In a galaxy far far away. . But simply Star Wars is based on a futuristic society the story starts in the year 22BBY (Pre Vader Era) Also known as the Genesis Era.

How do you make a LEGO starwars ship?

To make a reasonably good lego starwars ship you will need a few good ests to begin wiht ( to get all of the right peices) also you will need a PHD, STP, Bsc, MD, BBC , ITV, LMNOP in brewerying.

How many movies are in starwars?

There are 6 movies in the normal Star wars and 1 in a TV series The first one is The Phantom Menace,2 one is.....lord i forgot t how did i how is that POSSIBLE

What was the first starwars movie made?

I don't know why Gorge Lucas, the creator of Starwars, did this, but he made Starwars Episode IV A new Hope. Then he made episode V, VI, I, II, and III in that order. These numbers are roman numerals, below is a key in case you don't know them.ps im trying to become a youtube partner so please view ( Full Answer )

What are the codes for LEGO starwars 3?

here are the ones i know 3f5l56- perfect deflect x1v4n2- dark side gchp7s- fast build j46p7a - invincibilty csd5na- minikit detector b1d3w3- super speeders yzphuv- score 2x 43t5e5- score 4x sebhgr- score 6x byfsaq- score 8x n1ckr1- score 10x 6mz5ch- stud magnet 2d7jns- regenerate hearts qd2c31- char ( Full Answer )