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What channel is tbs on cable?

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39 is the chanel of tbs very funny have a great day.

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TBS is a cable channel, you can't get a cable channel w/ an antenna.

On Charter Cable, TBS can be found on channel 34 or channel 32.

The channel number for TBS in Raleigh, North Carolina depends on which provider is used. TBS is on channel 1302 via Time Warner cable,which is the area's #1 provider.

TBS is available on DISH. It is in all packages on Ch. 139.

i think you might need cable because tbs is a mix of fox and other channels so it might be on cable only.Sorry

Check with your cable provider for a full channel listing in your area.

It depends on your cable or satellite provider. Check your local channel guide or contact them.

47, i dont think so try it =)

If you have Comcast, TBS is on channel 7.

44.but, im in dallas, may not be the same there.

channel 23( tbs) from 5 pm until 7 pm. if you have at least basic cable

If you have Dish Network as your satellite provider and you are looking for the TBS channel, simply go to channel 139 and you'll be able to view TBS. Another Turner owned channel is located next to TBS as TNT is channel 138.

TBS - TV channel - was created in 1976.

Friends is on TBS and other Cable channels and sometimes your local stations. It also depends on where you live, what Cable TV or satellite provider you have.

no, inuyasha will not air on tbs because tbs is a gay channel not saying that people who whatch it are gay but it just a gay channel because it wont air inuyasha

it is channel 247 on direct TV


It depends on the cable or satellite service. Go to the various companies websites, input the Maine zip code you want to search and find out.

it stands for the best shows

TBS stands for Turner Broadcasting Station - it is named after the guy that made it in the 1970s: Ted Turner.

There's no single answer to this, in fact there could be thousands of answers because it all depends on where you live. For instance, for me, here in North Charleston SC, TBS is Channel 12 and TBSHD is 421, but for someone living in the next city or state it'll probably be another channel. Do you really want everyone to write what channel number TBS is on in their area?

It depends on your TV type for me its 48

If you get your cable through Charter Communications, your local cable provider, the History Channel is channel 63.

Channel 122 its on channel 63 if you have Time Warner Cable.

The channel for CBS on cable will change based on the location of the cable provider. The best way to find the correct channel is to contact your cable provider.

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