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Q: What chapter did yoh kiss Anna on Shaman king?
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Does Anna kiss Yoh in the manga series Shaman King?

It can be suggested that she does (but it is not shown)

Do Anna and yoh kiss?

During the Manga series of Shaman King, chapter 209-210, when Anna was returning the oracle bell to Yoh, there was a brief scene of him thanking her. He said, "Picking up the oracle bell you did me a big favor, I need to thank you Anna." They get closer in the scene of the sunset and you can only see their silhouettes. Then you see Amidamaru and he says he needs to look away because it's an intimate scene between Anna and Yoh. I think the author is trying to imply that they kiss. So I do think they kiss but it is not shown in either the manga or the anime, but rather implied. You can see it here I hope that helps ^_^

Does yuki and kaname kiss?

yes they do kiss in chapter 41later on they have a hot steamy kiss in chapter 50 and also in another chapter They also kiss in chapter 35 page 15. try it on!

What chapter does natsume and mikan kiss?

The tooth kiss is chapter 49 and the one in the tree is chapter 50

What chapter in fruits baskets di kyo and othru kiss?

Chapter 122 is the first kiss, but Tohru is unconscious. The second kiss when Tohru is awake, is in chapter 129

Will Yuki and Zero kiss?

they kiss in chapter 46.

What chapter does zero kiss yuuki?

chapter 46.

What chapter do karin and usui kiss?

chapter 50

What manga episode Kyo and Torhra kiss?

Kyo and Tohru share their first kiss in Chapter 122, and they kiss again in Chapter 129.

What chapter do maka and soul kiss?

NEVER! They never kiss.

What chapter did mayella kiss tom Robinson?

Chapter 6

In what chapter do harry and cho kiss?

In the chapter "The Eye of the Snake"

Chapter when karin and kazune kiss?

chapter 25 to 26

What chapter of Naruto does Naruto and hinita kiss?

Never was a chapter with that.

Will William Moseley and Anna Popplewell have their first kiss?

William and Anna had their first kiss already!! OMG, they should be together!!

In what book do usui and misaki kiss?

The chapters of Kaichou Wa Miad-sama that Misaki and Usui kiss: Chapter 4 = First Kiss Chapter 32 = Festival Kiss Chapter 37 = Pocky Game/Kissing scene Chapter 45 = The Kiss for information Chapter 49 = Kissing at Maid Latte (hiding behind the counter!! <3) Chapter 51 = The kiss that Interrupted Misaki's confession Chapter 57 = The confession in front of Misaki's house Chapter 59 = The kiss after school The manga is ongoing, so that's it, so far. (may have missed a few, sorry.)

When does Sakura kiss Naruto?

She gives him the kiss of life in chapter 663.

What chapter do soul and maka kiss?

They don't kiss in the manga or the anime.

Does Naruto kiss Sakura?

She gives him the kiss of life in chapter 663.

What chapter does yuki kiss machi?

Volume 22 Chapter 131

What chapter does sho kiss kyoko in skip beat?

on chapter 145

Did hao kiss Anna?

No, Anna slapped him before he got any closer...

What chapter do Jacob and Bella kiss?

Jacob kisses her against her will in chapter fifteen (page 330) of Eclipse. They kiss again in chapter twenty-three (page 526).

In which chapter do Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda first kiss in the manga series 'Fruits Basket'?

They first kiss in chapter 122.

What chapters do max and fang kiss in book 3?

They kiss in chapter 17 and 18, it kinda like countines in chapter 18.

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