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These characteristics could include habitat (if they live in the sea or live on land; the climate), and certain things like if they have fur or if they eat meat/plants.

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How do scientists classify animals into 2 groups?

because their different

Why are there different groups of animals?

So people can classify organisms. (find out what they are)

How do scientists classify vertebrates into different groups?

Scientists classify vertebrate into different groups by the way the animal looks or how big or small it is

What are the different types of criteria used to classify animals into groups?

The different criteria for classifying animals are as follows: Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species.

Biologist classify animals into major groups called?


What are the major groups into which scientists classify animals?

Pie is yummy

How do scientists classify organisms into different Kingdoms?

scientists use taxonomy to classify and separate them into different groups

What are some characteristics you think scientist use to classify animals into different groups?

i think that it is like to save them and take care and think about

What do scientists use to classify animals in groups?

they use sepert goups

How can you classify various sustances?

we classify the objects on the basis of certain characteristics favorable for us. we use different characteristics to classify the different types of the objects into groups.

What characteristics are used to classify an animal?

Scientists classify animals into two large groups based on wether the animal has a backbone or not. shtytrsywsysys

Why Do Scientiest Need To Classify Animals?

So that they can put them into groups and learn more about their species.

Biologists classify animals in the animal kingdom into about 35 major groups called?


How does scientists classify plants and animals using certain characteristics?

They use it by putting them into groups

Scientists classify animals into major groups called?

The major groups are called vertebrates and invertebrates or animas with or without backbones.

How do you classify organisms?

we classify organisms by separating them into different groups according to features. e.g. kidgdom class order and more.

What characteristic is best to classify birds and bats in different groups?

Body Coverings

What are the 4 groups of organisms?

You can classify plants into four groups, but you can't classify organisms into four groups

What are some of the groups to classify animals into?

Predatory, carnivorous, amphibian, mammal, prehistoric, omnivorous, herbivorous, etc

What is a monochotomous key?

it is a key to determine and classify the different groups of species for easy classification.

What is one difference among animals that is used to classify them into two large groups?

Animals are separated into two groups,Vertebrates and Invertebrates.All vertebrates have a spine or backbone.All invertebrates do not have a backbone.

How do taxonomists make decisions about how to classify new animals?

Taxonomists study the new animals well before classifying them. They put them in groups under animals that are rather similar to them.

What are the 7 classification groups of living things?

there are six groups in the modern scheme of binomial nomenclature(how we classify animals )and the groups are:animaila vertabratesanimaila invertabratesalgeabacterafungi

How do you use classify in sentence?

I had to classify the evidence into certain groups.

Names for different groups of animals?


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