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Q: What characteristics do agamemnon and Achilles have in common?
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What did Agamemnon think about Achilles?

I think that Agamemnon thought of Achilles as an unfair person to call upon the gods for help to send a plague on Agamemnon's army killing most of them.(Agamemnon took Achilles war bride Brises)

What accusations do Achilles and Agamemnon level at each other?

what accusations do achilles and agamemnon level at each other

What is the conflict between Achilles and Agamemnon in book 1 of The Iliad?

Agamemnon forced Achilles to give up his concubine.

Who drives Agamemnon and Achilles to their quarrel?

Agamemnon takes Achilles war trophy, the Trojan Princess Briseis, away from him.

Was Achilles justified in his wrath against Agamemnon and his subsequent withdrawal from battle?

Yes, Achilles is justified in his wrath against Agamemnon and his subsequent withdrawal from battle. Reasons: Agamemnon is being selfish Agamemnon cares more about Chyrsies than his army Achilles does not have to fight in the war, but he is doing it for Agamemnon

How does Agamemnon intend to punish Achilles for arguing?

Achilles is dead.

What provokes Achilles rage against agamemnon?

Agamenon took his girl, Bryseis. Poor guy.

Why Achilles threatens to leave Agamemnon and the Greek army?

Achilles threatened to leave Agamemnon and the Grek army in the Trojan war because Agamemnon had dishonored Achilles by taking away his war prize after losing his own war prize.

What does Achilles lose to Agamemnon?

Agamemnon takes away Briseis - Achilles' favourite concubine (sex slave). This is the dispute which starts the story of the Iliad.

With whom does Achilles have a big disagreement?

Achilles' big disagreement is with King Agamemnon.

Does Agamemnon already rue his quarrel with Achilles?


Why did Achilles tell Agamemnon that he would fight no more?

He had a disagreement with Agamemnon over a girl.