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The old Stone Age is characterized by the first use of stone tools and a nomadic, hunter-gatherer lifestyle. The middle Stone Age is characterized by the beginning of the societal shift from nomadic to agrarian. The new Stone Age, or the Neolithic period is characterized by an agrarian lifestyle and the first domestication of plants and animals.

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The old stone age was characterized by not having tools. The middle stone was characterized by having invented tools. The new stone age was characterized by farming and having better tools.

The Middle Stone Age or the Mesolithic Era took place beginning about 9000 BC. It was characterized by new forms of weaponry, such as new gluing techniques, the formation of colors in art forms, and beads.

The middle stone age ended with a ice age marking the beginning of the new stone age

The Middle Stone Age is also called the Middle Paleolithic or Mesolithic Ages. There are two different systems of naming. One has Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages, with the Middle Stone Age being equivalent of the Middle Paleolithic Age. The other divides the Stone Age into the Old Stone Age, or Paleolithic, the Middle Stone Age or Mesolithic, and the New Stone age or Neolithic.

They are two different time periods. "Meso" means middle, so Mesolithic was the middle stone age, and "Neo" means new, so Neolithic was the newer or more recent (younger) stone age. They are characterized by different methods of working stone into tools.

The new stone age is Neolithic, the middle stone age is Mesolithic, and the old stone age is called Paleolithic.

the new stone age is Neolithic, the middle stone age is Mesolithic, and the old stone age is called Paleolithic.

In the old stone age they began to use stone for tools. In the middle stone age they began to use fire,and farm. In the New stone age they began to build communities.

False, it marked the beginning of the Bronze Age and later, the Iron Age. There is no "new" Stone Age. There was only 'The' Stone Age, which was largely characterized by man's use of stone tools.

they would have to move because of the weather conditions

There's actually three parts to the Stone Age. There's the Old Stone Age, the Middle Stone Age, and the New Stone Age. To learn more about them you can Google them, there actually pretty interesting!

The Stone Age is divieded to 3 prats: Paleoithic(old), Mesolithic(middle), and the Neolithic(new). because you didn't explain the question very well.

People moved from villages to cities.It was nor more nomads

old stone age is stone age is new.Your Welcome.

Are you doing world history / SS?So am I!Stone AgePaleolithic- Old Stone AgeMesolithic- Middle Stone AgeNeolithic- New Stone Age

The old stone age became the new stone age by going through the middle stone age. The difference has to do with the way the tools were made. The new stone age began with bifurcated stone arrows and spear points. Bifurcated stone tools could also be adapted for agricultural purposes. Spears could be used as pruning hooks. Swords could be used as plowshares.

It depends on which Stone Age you are talking about.The Old Stone Age lasted from 2 million BC-8,000 BC.The Middle Stone Age lasted from 8,000 BC-6,000 BC.The New Stone Age was from 6,000 BC-3,500 BC.

During the old stone age they hunted and gathered.During the new stone age they farm

the old stone age had less technology

there where more rocks in the old stone age. new stone is new rocks.

In the old stone age people used stone and in the new stone age they discovered new things like how to make fire and all that stuff

the new stone age climate was warm