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What characters are like Iago in Othello?


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The principal characters are Iago, Othello and Desdemona.

Iago manipulates all the characters in Othello out of jealousy.

No, but Iago doesn't like anyone. Including himself.

Iago opposes Othello because Othello chose to promote Cassio to lieutenant instead of Iago. Also, Iago is prejudice against Othello for his skin colour. Othello was a victim of the time he lived in.

Iago is the antagonist in the Shakespearean tragedy, Othello. He is very vengeful, but seems to have no motives for the things he does to Othello and the other characters. In other words, he is a very flat, two-dimensional character.

no Iago is. Iago is the planner and causes the conspiracy of the play. iago tricks Othello and rodrigo

Iago tricked Othello into believing that his wife was not faithful and did not love him.

Othello doesn't know that Iago is an enemy. He thinks he's a friend, and an honest man. This allows Iago to get Othello to be an enemy to himself, which would not happen if Othello knew that Iago was an enemy.

Three characters are killed: the two lovers, Othello and Desdemona, and Emilia, who is murdered by the evil Iago.

Neither. Othello was the captain, Cassio the lieutenant and Iago the ensign.

Iago. She was about to reveal how Iago had manipulated Othello by using the handkerchief.

No. Othello did not kill Iago. He killed Desdemona (he thought he did justice). Then, the truth came out. Othello charged at Iago but was stopped by others at that scene. Then Iago ran away, and Othello killed himself; died upon a kiss on Desdemona.

Iago is usually pictured in Army Uniform. So is Othello, usually.

Othello promoted Cassio as his lieutenant instead of Iago.

It's a play, not a book. It was not written to be read, but to be watched. The main characters in Othello are Othello, Iago, and Desdemona. Cassio and Emilia are also important to the plot, but are supporting roles.

If you mean Iago from Othello, he is the standard bearer of General Othello. Iago hates the general and plots to make Othello think his wife is having an affair.

Casio thinks of Iago as a very dear friend to Othello, but to Iago Casio was a toy to make Othello jealous. what they both have in common is that they both serve under Othello and are dear friends in battle to him.

Othello is obsessed with Desdamona, making it easy for Iago to use him and make him believe anything. Iago is obsessed with his revenge for not being promoted. He wants to get revenge on Cassio and Othello for making him look like a fool.

The handkerchief embroidered with strawberries which Othello gave to Desdemona. Iago plans to convince Othello that Desdemona has given it to Cassio.

Roderigo wants to marry Desdemona, so he dislikes Othello who has married her instead. Iago dislikes Othello because he has promoted Cassio to lieutenant rather than Iago and also because, for some reason, Iago thinks Othello slept with Iago's wife Emilia.

Othello, the general, assigned Iago a second-rate job (his ensign.) Iago is jealous and furious of his position of power. Iago also makes comments that suggest he was racist.

Iago suggests to Othello by counter-suggestion that his wife is having an affair with his lieutenant Cassio.

Iago is 28 years old in the play.

20Othello says Iago is honest 12 times.Cassio says Iago is honest 1 time.Desdemona says Iago is honest 1 time.Iago says that he himself is honest 6 times.Act I scene iii2 - OthelloAct II scene i1 - IagoAct II scene iii3 - Othello2 - IagoAct III scene i1 - CassioAct III scene iii3 - Othello2 - Iago1 - DesdemonaAct IV scene i1 - IagoAct V scene i1 - OthelloAct V scene ii3 - Othello

Iago doesn't like other people to be happy because he is so unhappy himself, notwithstanding the fake "honest Iago" persona he has developed. Since Desdemona is happy in her marriage to Othello, Iago wants to destroy her in the process of destroying Othello.

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