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A negative charge will repel a negative charge.

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Q: What charge will repel a negative charge?
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Related questions

What will a negative charge do to another negative charge?


How does a negative charge and a negative charge react to each other?

They repel

How will a negative and a negative react?

If refering to charge... they will repel each other.

What effect will an object with negative charge have on a second object that also has a negative charge?

they will repel eachother

What does a neutral and a negative charge do?

A negative charge will attract positive charges, and repel other negative charges. An electrically neutral object will neither attract nor repel charged objects.

Will a ball with a positive charge attract or repel a ball with negative charge?


What causes particles to attract or repel?

the negative charge between atoms causes the to repel from eachother.

Why do electron clouds repel?

They carry the same charge (Negative), and so, repel each other.

What is the subatomic particles that electrons repel?

Subatomic particles with the same charge repel each other. Since electrons all have a negative charge, they repel each other.

What charges repel each other?

It is like charges that repel each other. A charge may be positive or negative. Two positive charges repel, as do two negative charges. A positive and negative charge, however, attract each other. This is a fundamental law of electrostatics: like charges repel and opposite charges attract.

When you bring two objects close to each other they repel Is the charge positive negative or neutral on each of the objects?

The charge will either be negative for both, or positive for both. Like charges repel.

If you place a positive charge next to a negative charge will repel or attract?

Opposite charges attract.

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