What charity devoted to helping the poor and hungry is best and why?

I have recently found a great charity called helping Gambia. There are no admin costs and 100 percent of your money goes to Gambia. You can sponser a child for just 2 pounds a month and you can even go out to gambia to visit your sopnsered child. You could make a one of donation, or contrubute regularly. What i do is make up shoe boxes, and decorate them. I then put little presents inside, like paper,pencils, rice in packets, seeds, books etc. For more information please visit


Feed back on why people sponsor through helping

"HELPING" is the best ever Charity, no raised funds taken for Admin, or anything, I know where my money goes to feed the children, I have seen it. I have personally given out gifts etc. which have been shipped over.Everything given to "HELPING" is given to the children or in Building Schools/Nurseries and other Projects.

I have given loads to other charitie's and have no idea, where the money has been spent."

Jackie M. Bedfordshire