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This is the water chemical formula.

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What chemical formula H20?

This chemical formula is for water.

What is the chemical formula name of water?

The chemical formula name of water is H20.

Is H20 a chemical formula?

Yes H2O is the chemical formual for water.

What is Sprite's chemical formula?

It is h20 and citric acid

Is chemical formula H2O physical or chemical property?

H20 has both chemical and physical properties.

What is H20 a chemical formula for?

H2O is 2 hydrogens plus 1 oxygen and that makes the chemical formula for water.

What is the chemical formula for tap water?

Tap water is a mix of hydrogen and oxygen. The formula is H20.

Is A Chemical Formula A Physical Properties Or Chemical Properties?

A chemical formula is the chemical properties of an element, for example H20 is the chemical formula of water, its show the quantity of both hydrogen and oxygen, and both are gases, i hope this is the answer of your question.

Is 2 H20 a chemical reaction?

2 H2O is the chemical formula of two molecules of water, not a reaction.

How is H20 a molecule?

H20 is the chemical formula for water - it means that water is composed of two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen.

Is H20 a pure substance?

Yes, any substance with ONE chemical formula is a pure substance or (chemical) compound.

What is the word for h20 in Latin?

H2O is the chemical formula of water - aqua in latin language.

What chemical formula represents a polar molecule?

# The fomula represents a polar molecule is : H20

What is the chemical formula for HOH?

HOH is "Hydrogen Hydroxide", better known - and written - as "water" (H20).

What s the chemical formula for respiration?

C6 H12 O6 + 6 H20 + 6 CO2 + Energy

Is h20 a mixture or compound?

It's a compound. It is a single chemical formula. If something is a mixture of multiple compounds or substances, then there will be a break in the chemical formulas.

Does bottle water contain sugar?

The chemical formula for water is H20 there is no sugar if there was it would be called sugar water.

What does H20 NaCl CO2 and HCl have in common?

All are chemical compounds containing two different atoms in the formula.

What is h20 like?

h20 is a chemical word for water....... h2o=water

What is the scientific formula for h20?

the scientific formula is H2O

Is h20 a chemical?

Yes, water, H2O is a chemical

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