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Causes of hair color changesAlthough there are a few chemicals which can contribute to causing hair to change color it is usually unbalance water which is the primary source.

The color can help us indicate what type of metal it is from. Example: Green hair is usually caused by copper being dissolved in the water. It precipitates out and stains the hair when we shower using a shampoo that is high in pH.

Your water should be tested for the following items:

pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, copper & iron.

What color is the stained hair?

To rid the stain from the hair find a shampoo that is known to be swimmers shampoo or one that is low in pH. Use often and it will dissolve the metals back into the water and rinse away down the drain. Use moisturizer to keep the hair soft and moist as you will probably wash the hair several times a day which will have a tendency to dry the hair.

We used this process with my daughter several years ago when she came home from a vacation and showered.. We heard the screams all through the house when she looked in the mirror to find a lot of green hair. We had it almost all gone within three days (just in time for to go to camp).

Steve Dunn Commercial Pool Systems, Inc.

Chemical substance in swimming pool are sulfur and chlorine. Overexposing in the pool can damage your hair and become thin then will start to fall.

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Q: What chemical in swimming pools causes hair color changes?
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