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What chemicals are in diet Pepsi?

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Diet pepsi has more fizz then regular pepsi because diet pepsi has more chemicals then regular pepsi does.Diet pepsi has more chemicals because it has more acid then regular pepsi.Diet pepsi also has more carbonation then regular pepsi.

pepsi, pepsi wild cherry, pepsi vanilla, pepsi cherry vanilla, pepsi throwback, pepsi diet, diet pepsi cherry, diet pepsi cherry vanilla, diet pepsi vanilla, and pepsi max are some types of pepsi drinks

No Carbs in Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max

pepsi and diet pepsi its mtn dew because it has 750 sugar in it

Diet Pepsi was created in 1964.

The chemicals that are in Pepsi are caramel coloring, 4-methylimidazole and carbon dioxide.

diet pepsi IS GLUTEN FREE

Diet Pepsi came out in 1964 Diet Coke was 1982.

There is no sugar in Diet Pepsi, it uses NutraSweet.

there are 0g of carbohydrates in a diet Pepsi can or bottle.

No, the thing that makes diet Pepsi sweet is aspartame.

Diet pepsi has less sugar and that's why it floats. Pepsi has more sugar which weighs it down to the bottom at room temperature water.

I thought it would be Diet coke but it was diet Pepsi

There is exactly 36.7 milligrams of caffeine in Diet Pepsi.

Pepsi Pepsi Diet also called Pepsi Light Pepsi Max

diet pepsi. it has less caliries and no suger. < no, the question was whats healthier not what wont get you fat the real answer is diet coke gives you no energy and has a chance of cancer so pepsi is healthier

Not in regular Pepsi, they might in Diet Pepsi.

Pepsi because if they where not diet it would be pepsi

High fructose corn syrup and sugar is what is in Pepsi. Diet Pepsi has aspartame (NutraSweet) as its sweetener, though it previously used saccharin.

Customer Service Says:Regular Pepsi = 1.04 kg/LDiet Pepsi = 0.99 kg/L

The main target market for Diet Pepsi is those who are looking to watch their weight. Since Diet Pepsi has no calories, it is marketed toward those who are on a calorie-restricting diet.

Pepsi for Diet Pepsi Did you know:Diet Pepsi was first called Patio Diet Cola, and in some countries, it is known as Pepsi Light.

Yes, Pepsi Cola is a cola. So, is Diet Pepsi Cola.

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