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2-[4-(2-methylpropyl)phenyl]propanoic acid

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Q: What chemicals in ibuprofen make up its pH?
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What elements make up the compound ibuprofen?

Ibuprofen is composed of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon. Its chemical formula is below: C13H18O2

What chemicals make up proteins?

The chemicals that make up proteins depends on how one defines chemicals. Amino acids units combine to form the protein chain, but the "Chemicals" that make up proteins are really atoms, typically C, N, O, H, S, and P.

Causes of phamacodynamics in make-up?

Pharmacodynamics, Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent.

Does Ibuprofen cause a false positive for THC?

No ibuprofen will not show up as THC, ibuprofen will not even show up for a positive test

How do you make a green pool blue?

When a pool turns green, the cause is the build up of algae. To remove the algae, chemicals will need to be bought to restore the PH levels in the pool, killing the algae.

How many chemicals make up DNA?


What chemicals make up the sun?

hydrogen and helium

What 4 chemicals make up DNA strands?

more than 4 chemicals make it up but the 4 nitrogen bases are adinine guanine cytosine and thymine

Saving Money with Spa Chemicals?

Many spa chemical products are expensive, but offer no advantages over generics. Most spas need 3 types of chemicals: a disinfectant, pH up, and pH down. Pool chlorine tablets can be used in most spas. These can help save money over spa-branded products, while ensuring a clean and sanitary spa. pH is usually raised by the addition of chlorine, so no pH up product is usually needed. pH down spa products can be replaced by sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda. Algicide can be replaced by Borax, often saving hundreds of dollars a year. Make sure to consult a pool professional before using any chemicals.

How long should you wait to swim after adding pH up?

It is advised to wait approximately two hours before swimming after adding pH to a pool. This gives the chemicals plenty of time to work.

Could ibuprofen 600mg show up as an opiate?

No, Ibuprofen is NOT an opiate.

What chemicals make up DNA?

3 chemicals come together to make up DNA: 1. Phosphate Group 2. Sugar (deoxyribose) 3. Nitrogen base

What four chemicals make up the genetic code?

5 Chemicals make up the genetic code, Guanine, Thymine, Adenine, Cytosine, and in RNA the Cytosine becomes Uracil.

What chemicals make up hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a chemical element and don't contain any other chemicals.

What chemicals do you use when first setting up your pool?

When you set up your pool, you use a lot more chlorine than you will use for maintenance. You are killing all the bacteria in the water. After a few days when the pH stabilizes, you can work on balancing the pH.

What chemicals make up the backbone of DNA?

nucleic acids

What chemicals make up the color purple in a firework?

The chinesse

What chemicals make up a stingray's poison?

carbon dioxide

If you make up a solution of 100 mL of 0.1 M HEPES in the basic form what will be the pH?

pH is 9.75

What causes the pH of a solution to increase?

Adding a base will make the pH go up (increasing of OH- ions concentration).

Is the pH of baking soda the same as that of pH plus?

They both wil raise the pH in a pool, but they are two different chemicals for two different purposes. (You need both) pH+ Sodium Carbonate - Raises pH in pool water TA+ Sodium Bicarbonate - Raises total alkalinity in pool water It is best to use both chemicals for their intended use. TA keeps the pH from bouning up and down pH keeps your eyes from burning and your heater and other pool items from self destructing. I have seen pools with such a low pH that it will attack the vynal liner and cause it to wrinkle and shorten the life of it.

Which chemicals make up the backbone of the double helix?

phosphate and sugar

What chemicals make up the major salts in the ocean water?


What chemicals elements make up vegetable oil?

vegetables and oils

What chemicals make up backing soda?

Backing soda is NaHCO3.