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What chemicals will freeze when mixed with water?

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I read that ammonium nitrate when mixed with water can turn itself cold. It's used with cold packs. Perhaps by altering the concentration it can freeze?

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Will shampoo freeze?

Shampoo will freeze due to its high water content. It will freeze at a slightly lower temperature than water due to the amount of chemicals it contains.

Can you freeze evaporated milk and water after mixed?

Yes, it is possible.

Is water a homogenous?

No, Pure water is a chemical compound. (H20) If other chemicals are mixed into the water it CAN become a homogeneous mixture; depending on the chemicals.

Why is it bad to freeze water bottles?

It is very bad to freeze water bottles because some of the chemicals leak in to the water when they are melting after they are frozen. I do not recommend freezing your water bottle

How does a water bottles make you get cancer?

Because there are really bad chemicals in plastic. Don't freeze water bottles or leave them out in the sun because the chemicals leak into the water that you consume.

Can soapy water freeze?

yes it can because the soap sinks into the chemicals and freezes the particles.

What engine coolant to use for a 1998 ford econoline 250?

A good quality anti-freeze mixed 50/50 ratio with water A good quality anti-freeze mixed 50/50 ratio with water

What are chemicals often mixed in?

Chemicals are often mixed in test tubes

How can air and water effect the ecosystem?

air and water can effect the ecosystem: WATER: when we use fertilsers and other chemicals to grow the better crops and when the rain comes,the rain water mixed with chemicals fall into the water and when we drink that water we become ill. AIR: the chemicals from the industries,etcwhen get mixed in the air it causes the acid rain and it effect on ecosystem.

Why is tap water not a pure substance?

Tap water is not a pure substance because it is mixed with chemicals that purify it and if it was from the ground it has naturally occurring minerals mixed in it.

How does salt affect the freezing time of water?

it does affect the time for water to freeze because the chemicals in the salt affect the water that is in the salt.

What are the chemicals called when they are mixed?

If chemicals are mixed and no reaction occurs, the result is a Mixture

What can you freeze chemicals with?


Will mixed drinks freeze?

Yes, but alcohol has a much lower freezing point than water so it requires a colder temperature to freeze them.

What chemicals are produced when Iron oxide and sulphuric acid are mixed?

Iron Sulfate and water

What are two chemicals that mix with water?

Pure Potassium or pure Sodium when mixed with water, creates an explosive reaction!!! ; ) .

Is tap water a pure substance or mixture?

Tap water is not a pure substance because it is mixed with chemicals that purify it and if it was from the ground it has naturally occurring minerals mixed in it.

What can make normal rain more acidic?

Fog, or chemicals being mixed in evaporating water.

How do you dispose of chemicals in the lab?

if it is toxic mix with water and dispose of it with consent from your teacher. if it is not, down the drain mixed with water is fine.

What is the difference between antifreeze and coolant?

Anti-freeze is a coolant that should be mixed 50/50 with water

Water instead of antifreeze?

Besides the fact that water won't give you any freeze protection, water doesn't have any chemicals in it to prevent corrosion and lubrication for the water pump.

What pool color will keep the water warmer?

nothin to do with the colour ; it depends on the weather and also the chemicals mixed with it

Why does water freeze specifically?

it freezes because the degrees of the coldness makes the degress of the normal temperature of the water be cold which makes thet water frozen cause of the chemicals and molecules the move fast but when it comes to coldness the molecules stop moving and freeze.

How does rain become acidic?

Rain can become acidic in a few ways: 1. Ground water can be mixed with chemicals that were dumped by a factory, industry, etc. or accidentally spilled. When the ground water evaporates, the chemicals stay with the water, and when it precipitates, it still has the chemicals/acid in it. 2. When condensed water in clouds is mixed with air pollution give off by factories, industries, air planes, etc. chemicals that are given off can mix with it, making the rain acidic. I hope this answered your question! ^.^

Are there chemicals in freeze dried coffee?

There are plenty of crazy stories out there about chemicals added to freeze dried coffee. There is no reason for anything to be added to coffee when it is freeze dried; the entire point of freeze drying is that it preserves the product naturally. The process is: they make some coffee; they freeze it; they dry it. In short, whatever chemicals are in freeze dried coffee are only those - and exactly the same as those - found in "fresh" coffee.

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