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The Spartan is manufactured for Remington in Russia. I believe the company that makes them is Baikal. You'll probably have to order the choke tubes. Standard Rem-chokes won't work. Cabela's sells the choke tubes for the Remington Spartan Side-by-Side, also made by Baikal in Russia.

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Want the biggest p pattern i can get

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Q: What choke tubes will fit a Spartan SP-310 OU by Remington?
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What choke tubes will fit a Spartan SP 310 OU by Remington?

The shotgun in question uses a standard Tru-Choke.

Will Baikal choke tubes fit a Spartan?

I am a gun dealer in Asheboro, NC (Franks gun and pawn). Yes, the Baikal choke tubes will fit. This gun is made by Baikal for Remington. It used to be imported under the EAA name. You can also get tubes at Colonial choke tubes.

Will Remington choke tubes fit a baikal mp153?

Yes, some of the remington tubes will but not all. I have a remington modified choke in my mp 153 right now.

What kind of choke is a Remington Wingmaster model 870 S353483M?

They usually use a modified (medium) choke on the 870, unless it has choke tubes.

Are the choke tubes on Remington 887 interchangeable?

Yes they are interchangeable but the barrels however are not.

What can you tell me about a Remington model 1100 with a butt stock without a pistolgrip and a short vent rib barrel with screw in choke tubes?

How short a barrel? Factory choke tubes?

Will a choke for a Mossberg 500 fit in a Remington 870 express?

no it wont ive been looking at mossberg choke tubes for a few months for my 20gauge the only choke tubes that work on mossberg 500s are Winchester ,wetherby,browning invector and savage hope yours is a 12 because 20s are about non existent

How do you determine the choke of your Remington 870?

Go to and download an owner's manual. most modern choke tubes have some type of marking that will allow you to determine the choke without removing it from the barrel. some use a notch system while others have stars.

What is an invector choke system?

Browning made choke tubes.

What is the difference in modified and in-vector choke?

Modified describes a choke. Invector is a system of choke tubes.

Charles Daly Luxe 12ga made in Italy you have been trying to find out what brand of choke tubes fit this gun?

Remington chokes fit Charles daly

Will a Remington 1100 shoot a slug?

rifled choke tubes for sabot slugs and cylinder or improved cylinder choke tube for foster type slugs. you can shoot slugs with semi-auto. experiment to find what cycles the best without jamming.

Where are the choke markings on browning citori shotguns?

On the choke tubes. It is marked by lines on the front edge of the choke. The more lines the more open the choke. 1 line is a full and goes from there. If it doesn't have tubes, on the inside of the receiver near the bbls.

What are choke tubes?

Tubes that constrict the column of shotgun pellets as they exit the barrel

Can you shoot steel shot in 20 gauge Baikal side by side with screw in choke tubes?

Only with cylinder and improved cylinder choke tubes.

Where to get choke tubes for a zabala choke gun?

Try Mid West Gun Works.

What do the choke markings cut into the rim of weatherby shotgun choke tubes mean?

# They relate to choke type, i.e., full, modified....

What are the notches in the choke tubes for on a Stoeger shot gun choke?

To determine different shot patterns

How will you test starter and choke in fluorescent tubes?

You can use a wire instead of the starter to test the tubes .. I did it, it works !

How do you change choke tubes in a shotgun?

All choke tubes are essentialy the same no matter the manufacturer. They are all screwed in at the muzzle. Each Firearm Manufacturer produced a tool, such as a T-Wrench or a hand held clutch of some sort to fit the slots to turn the choke (like a big screwdriver). Some choke tubes are exposed on the end and can be turned by hand. If your's is recessed, it is better to find the tool to change choke rather than damage the choke by using another metal object to change it.

What choke tubes fit a Stevens model62 series E?

Interchanges with Tru-Choke or Baikal style threads

Choke designation on browning choke tubes?

Browning has a web site with lots of information and a search function that will help you.

What are choke markings on choke tubes?

They identify which chokes you have in without having to use a choke tool. different companies have different markings but in general the fewer marks, the more constricted the choke (1 mark=full choke).

Can a Baikal IZH-18EM-M full choke barrel be threaded for removable choke tubes?

im sure it can be done

Can you use steel in your browning light shotgun?

If it has choke tubes, yes. If it is fixed choke, no. I called Browning about mine and that was the answer they gave me.

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