What church did Christ built on Earth?

Most people think of a 'church' as a 'building' for religious services; but this is misleading when it comes to the Bible term.
The Greek word used in the Bible is ek·kle·si′a from two Greek words, ek meaning 'out', and ka·le′o meaning 'call'. It pertains to a group of persons 'called out' or 'called together' either officially or unofficially.
It can even refer to non-christian peoples who are 'gathered together'. Example: Acts 19:32 & 41. While most translations simply call the people an 'assembly, gathering, or group'; the Wycliffe Bible actually retains the word 'church', because that's what the original Greek is.
To answer the question: The church or congregation that Christ built on earth, would be his 'group of disciples and followers'. Jesus said that even where 2 or 3 are 'gathered together', Christ would be in their midst, with the promised holy spirit.
So really we should not be thinking in terms of a 'building'. A more appropriate word might be 'temple'; but even that word is at times used figuratively.