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Dorinda Clark Cole attends Greater Emmanuel Istitutuional Church of God in Christ in Detroit, where her brother-in-law Elder J Drew Sheard is pastor.

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Who is dorinda clark cole husband?

Dorinda Clark Cole is married to Greg Cole.

Show pictures of Dorinda Clark Cole daughter and son?

dorinda clark cole daughter and son

When was Dorinda Clark-Cole born?

Dorinda Clark-Cole was born on October 19, 1957.

How can you find more information about Dorinda Clark Cole?

If you are looking for more information about Dorinda Clark Cole, then the best place you should check is the online official website, Dorinda Clark Cole.

How old is Dorinda Clark-Cole?

Dorinda Clark-Cole is 53 years old (birthdate: October 19, 1957).

Dorinda Clark Cole?

Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole is one of the daughters of the Legendary Gospel Singer "Dr. Mattie Moss Clark". Dorinda is one of the five daughters of Mattie Moss that made up the Renowed Gospel Group "The Clark Sisters". Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole is know as the "JAZZY STYLE"one in the group. Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole is also a wife to Greg Cole and has three children Nikkia, Brenndon and Jay Cole. Dr. Dorinda Clark is also a heavily annointed evangalist. Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole also teaches at the Clark Conservatory of Music and has had 3 successful solo albums to date, and is a 2 time Grammy award winner.

When was Dorinda Clark-Cole - album - created?

Dorinda Clark-Cole - album - was created on 2002-06-11.

Is dorinda clark cole divoiced?

Dorinda Clark Cole is married to Greg Cole. Happily married. They have 2 children, Nikkia Cole and Greg Jr. also known as Jay.

What is Dorinda Clark-Cole's birthday?

Dorinda Clark-Cole was born on October 19, 1957.

Does dorinda clark cole have any grandchildren?

No, she does not.

What Dorinda Clark Cole's age?

Dorinda Clark-Cole was born October 19, 1957. Dorinda is 52 and will be 53 October 19th 2010

Dorinda clark Cole's husband?

Greg Cole

How old is Dorinda Clark Cole?

53 in 2011

What are the ages of dorinda clark cole kids?


Is Dorinda Clark-Cole j cole the artist Mother?

yes they are

What does dorinda clark cole live?

What State , City Does Dorinda Clarkcole live in Detroit, Michigan

Was dorinda clark cole sued?

Yes. She was sued by a close freind and member of her church. That is what supposedly led to her suicide attempt.

Chords to take it back by dorinda clark cole?


What is dorinda clark Cole's husband name?

Greg Cole

What is Dorinda Clark Cole's daughter's name?

nikkia cole

What kind of car does Dorinda Clark Cole drive?


Which one of Dorinda Clark Cole children has a child?

her daughter

How many Grammy's has dorinda clark cole won?


Why did dorinda clark cole tyr to kill herself?

She was depressed.

How tall is dorinda clark cole?

5'9", i think

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