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The Roman Catholic Church has always been known as the Roma Catholic Church and is the oldest form and branch of Christianity.

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The western church is known as the Roman Catholic church

The western church is known as the Roman Catholic church

This is the Roman Catholic church, also commonly known as the Catholic church.

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Catholic Church is sometimes known as the Western Church to distinguish it from the Eastern Orthodox Church.

The Malate Church is a Roman Catholic Church in Manila, Philippines, otherwise known as Nuestra Senora de Remedios ("Our Lady of Remedies"). Yes, it is a recognized Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church has always been known as the Catholic Church since the late first century when it is referred to as such by St. Ignatius of Antioch in one of his letters. It is known as the Roman Catholic Church only in English speaking countries, the "Roman" started as a slur in England by the Anglicans after the protestant revolt as a way of referring to the Catholic Church, it is never used by the official Catholic Church.

Catholic AnswerRoman is an epithet first commonly used in England after the protestant revolt to describe the Catholic Church. It is never used by the Catholic Church. The question should be "where was the first Catholic Church" as it was not known as the "Roman" Catholic Church until the Middle Ages, before then it was just "the Catholic Church". The first Catholic Church was in Jersualem, read the Acts of the Apostles.

The Roman Catholic Church, also known as the Catholic Church, was founded by Jesus Christ in 33 AD. It officially began after Jesus ascended into Heaven on Pentecost in 33 AD.

i don't know what was the name of the church for example i go to a church named living waters in olean new york but its not catholic church.Roman Catholic AnswerThe Church has always been known as the Catholic Church, since the first century.

After the Great Schism, the Byzantine church became known as the Eastern Orthodox Church. The west branch was known as the Roman Catholic Church.

The leaders in the Roman Catholic Church were the bishops of Rome... now known as popes.Roman Catholic AnswerThe leaders in the Roman Catholic Church were (and are, to this day) the Apostles, and their successors, the Bishops, as appointed by Our Blessed Lord. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ, and the Bishop in Rome. He is the head of the College of Bishops.

It's just Catholic, not Roman Catholic. Roman Catholic is a slur that became popular in England after the protestant revolt. The law of the Catholic Church is known as Codex Iuris Canonici, popularly known as "the Code" or "Code of Canon Law" in English.

protestant churchesRoman Catholic AnswerAccording to the teaching of the Catholic Church, no "Churches" broke from the Catholic Church, the name for those left the Catholic Church is heretic, the groups they formed are known as "ecclesial communities". You can not have a "church" without a valid priesthood, such as the Orthodox maintain even when they separated from the Church.

The famously known Christian denomination known as the Roman Catholic Church is SO GOBALLY FAMOUSLY KNOWN that the Greek AND Latin word Catholic ACTUALLY LITERALLY means "Universal" or "all-inclusive".

The Roman Catholic Church to head up his own church today known as the Anglican Church or more commonly: The Church of England.

The Anglican Church is not called the Anglican Catholic Church, and the Catholic Church is not formally known as the Roman Catholic Church even though the Vatican is indeed located in Rome. Your question therefore would more accurately read, can an Anglican priest say Mass at a Catholic Church. The answer is, the Catholic religion does not allow Anglican priests to officiate at their rituals. The Anglican Church, despite being extremely similar to the Catholic Church in most respects, is nonetheless regarded by Catholicism as a heretical schism.

There is really no "Roman Catholic Church", although that name, in English, usually refers to the Catholic Church. It came into popular usage in England following the protestant revolt, and has become widespread in its usage especially in protestant and secular English speaking countries. It is rarely used in the Catholic Church and never in official documents.

Roman Catholic AnswerYou are probably referring to the reformation, known as the protestant revolt by Catholic historians. Actually, very few people questioned the Church, they mainly questioned their King and government for forcing the Anglican Church on them.

Martin Luther is the most well known however there are many who were against the excess of the catholic church.........

Rome. That is where Peter first built the church. Today its known as the Vatican.Roman Catholic AnswerMany cities are known as Holy, but the primary one for Christians, as well as Jews, is Jerusalem. But the Catholic Church is in all cities in the world, although not openly in some Muslim nations.

there is none. they are are the same thing. The catholic church in America isn't called the American catholic church, it is still called the roman catholic church because it originated in rome and the pope lives there. However, when the term "American Catholic Church" is used, it also denotes various other Churches, that call themselves Catholic but are not under the Jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Church, of whose Hierarchical structure is headed by the "Pope", also known as The Bishop of Rome, Patriarch of the West, or First among Equals. So, therefore, they may resemble the true Catholic Church but are not fully Catholic.

The Roman Catholic Church is normally known for using fresco's and Statues in their churches. Whereas The Eastern Orthodox Church uses mosaics and icons, with a small percentage of the time they will also use fresco's .

Catholics, with a capital C, are members of the Catholic Church, in communion with the pope. Roman Catholics are those Catholics who are specifically members of the Latin Church - a particular church within the Catholic communion - which follows the Roman Rite. Not only are they in communion with the pope, but he is the 'patriarch' or primate of the Latin Church. 99% of Catholics are Roman Catholic. Jesuits are a religious order within the Catholic Church, started within the Roman Catholic Church. There are about 20,000 Jesuits, making it the largest of the nearly 2500 religious orders in the Church. They are the only order with vows of obedience directly to the pope, and known for their intellectual discipline, education and missionary activity.

No, he wanted a divorce from Catherine of Aragon so he could marry Anne Boleyn the Catholic church would not grant him one( this is against the ?Catholic doctrine) so being head of the church he unilaterally broke away from the Catholic church and established what is today known as the Anglican Church

It is called the Orthodox Catholic Church, also known as the Eastern Orthodox or Greek Orthodox Church. It is not however affiliated with Rome or the Roman Catholic Church. They are 2 separate, but similar religions. They believe God is the ultimate head of the Church and recognize no Pope.

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