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Most British cities were bombed during World War 2

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Q: What cities in London was heavily bombed?
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Which cities in Britain were heavily bombed in the blitz?

All of them, although London and Coventry more than most.

Which cities were badly bombed during the blitz?

London was bombed heavily in the early part of the war and Dresden, Germany was just about obliterated in Feb of 1945.

Which city in England was most heavily bombed in the blitz?

London was bombed the most?

What cities were badly bombed in the blitz in World War 2?

Many British industrial cities were heavily bombed in the blitz. London, Birmingham, Manchester, Coventry, Liverpool, Plymouth, Bristol, Glasgow, and many others.

What city was bombed heavily during the battle of Britain?


When was Liverpool bombed in world war 2?

Liverpool was bombed heavily right through 1940 and early 1941

What happened during the Blitz in LondonWWII?

London was heavily bombed during the blitz.

What bombed cities were bombed in world war 2?

Many cities all over Europe were bombed. Germany bombed many cities when they executed their blitzkrieg. They bombed pretty much every country they conquered and Great Britain and the Soviet Union. Japan bombed and attacked Pearl Harbor and we dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many cities in Germany that were heavily bombed by Allied bombers: Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Dresden, Frankfurt and Vienna(Austria). London, Liverpool, gloucester, Bristol, coventry, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle were cities bombed in Britain

Were children evacuated from colchester?

Yes , but very few as we were not in London / the heavily bombed areas

What UK cities were not bombed during World War 2?

Mostly places to the West and North... so - places like Cardiff Glasgow and Aberdeen...... Aberdeen was bombed , but not heavily. Clydeside was bombed heavily because of the shipbuilding and Cardiff docks were bombed.

Why was London bombed during the war?

London was bombed along with many other cities because it was a link to other countries through trade

What badly bombed cities were there in world war 2?

Rotterdam (The Netherlands) was heavily bombarded as well.

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