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Every large city in the UK was bombed during World War II.

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Q: What cities were bombed in England by Germany in world war 2?
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Did England bomb Germany in World War 2?

yes Winston Churchill and the other folks bombed Germany because they had bombed England .

Why were British cities bombed in World War II?

The Germans bombed British cities in WWI with blimps. They did the same thing in WWII with airplanes. The German thought if they bombed England, the British would surrender. The British did not surrender and bombed Germany (along with USA bomber planes) in retaliation.

In World War 2 Germany bombed 2 Japanese cities?

Germany never bombed any Japanese cities during World War 2. They were allied to each other during that war.

Where did england get bombed?

Most towns and cities, along with various rural houses and communities in England were bombed during World War II.

What cities were bombed the worst in World War 2?

well, 1 england 2 maybe italy or germany 3 france could have suffered a lot of damage

Did Germany bomb Manchester?

All major cities in the UK were bombed in World War 2.

What bombed cities were bombed in world war 2?

Many cities all over Europe were bombed. Germany bombed many cities when they executed their blitzkrieg. They bombed pretty much every country they conquered and Great Britain and the Soviet Union. Japan bombed and attacked Pearl Harbor and we dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many cities in Germany that were heavily bombed by Allied bombers: Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Dresden, Frankfurt and Vienna(Austria). London, Liverpool, gloucester, Bristol, coventry, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle were cities bombed in Britain

What cities in London was heavily bombed?

Most British cities were bombed during World War 2

How many cities in Britain were bombed in World War 2?

Around 22 cities were bombed during ww2.

What cities in England were bomb in World war 2?

I don't know of a British city that WASN'T bombed during World War II.

What two cities were badly bombed during ww2?

There were many cities badly bombed during World War II, on all sides.London, Coventry, and so on, in England.Moscow, Stalingrad, and so on, in Russia.Berlin, Hamburg, and so on, in Germany.

In World War 2 did any of the schools get bombed?

Throughout Europe and England the bombing campaigns in the battles did bomb schools unintentionally. Germany, Poland and Russia had many schools bombed. There were some bombed in England, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and other countries, but not nearly as many as Germany, Poland and Russia.

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