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He was born and spent 3 years in Portsmouth (UK) and then was taken to live in London

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When taking the coach ride to see Miss Havisham why did Pip think the convict had not recognized him

When Pip first met estella again what happened

Who did Pip find working for Miss Havisham

What does Pip do before he goes to London

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Q: What city did Charles Dickens grow up in?
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Where Charles Dickens grew up?

Charles dickens grew up in Portsmouth

Where did Charles Dickens grow up?

Charles Dickens grew up in the centre of London and lived there with his Parents and his 2 sisters and 1 brother, when Charles was young his dad showed him a house and when he was older and married he could live in it.

Where was Charles Dickens brought up?


Which Charles Dickens character said 'Something will turn up'?

Wilkins Micawber from Charles Dickens' David Copperfieldwas known for asserting his faith that "something will turn up".

Was Charles Dickens poor or rich growing up?


Where did William Henry Harrison grow up as a child?

Charles city county in Virginia.

What did Charles Dickens look like?

Charles Dickens was a handsome young man and he had great taste in clothing but when he grew up he started to smell so he became gay and a transvestite

What was Charles Dickens firt book?

his first book was ttoenail up a ostrich

What college did Dickens go to?

Charles Dickens grew up in a very poor family. He did not have much formal education and was mostly self-taught.

Where did Charles Hamelin grow up?


Where did Charles Dickens get the idea for Oliver Twist from?

Charles Dickens got the idea when he was busting a sh1t and readin a newspaper. When he got a phone call from ur dad. Ur dad said he is g4y then charles dickens sh1t went back up his f in 4sshole. dats where he got the idea frm

What writers influenced Charles dickens when he was growing up?

Dickens is known to have read and been influenced by Henry Fielding, Daniel Defoe, and Oliver Goldsmith.

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