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Q: What city do monarch butterflies go in the winter?
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What butterflies go south for the winter?

Monarch butterflies travel south to Mexico in the winter, then back north in the summer.

Where do monarch butterflies go in winter?

When winter time comes and the temperature drops monarch butterflies migrate south to Mexico since its warm there. but when the days get longer and warmer, they fly back to canada or the US

Where in Mexico do monarch butterflies go?

They go to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, in the state of Michoacan.

What city in Mexico do monarchs go to?

I guess you mean the Monarch Butterflies. That would be Morelia, on the southwestern Mexican state of Michoacan.

How do monarch butterflies go on the transatlantic crossing?

monarch butterflies travel from as far north as Maine and Canada and fly down to south America and Mexico.

Do monarch butterflies go through metamorphosis?


What time of year do sea turtles and monarch butterflies migrate?

well I know that monarch butterflies migratewhen its cold and go to warm places like Mexico.

Where in Mexico do the monarch butterflies go?

To central Mexico, relatively close to Mexico City. See the related links section for a map.

When it is winter where do moths and butterflies go to?


What adaptations does the monarch butterfly need to have in order to survive winter?

Monarch butterfly's don't survive in the winter. Just a warm place. They go get food and go south.

Where do the monarch butterflies go in autumn?

Where the monarch butterflies in your community go each autumn depends on your location. Monarchs that are east of the Rocky Mountains migrate to a mountain forest in south-central Mexico. The ones west of the Rocky Mountains migrate to southern California.

Where do monarch butterflies go in fall?

Warmer, semi-tropical southern climates like Mexico.

What is the life cycle of a monarch butterfly?

Monarch butterflies go through a four stage development cycle in their lifespans. The four stages of the monarch butterfly are the egg, the caterpillar or larvae, the chrysalis or pupa, and the butterfly.

How big can a Monarch butterfly get?

Wingspan of about 4 inches. As butterflies go, they're really not that variable in size.

Where does the monarch butterfly go during the winter months?


Where do butterflies go when its winter?

It all depends on the butterfly. Some only live one season and after they have mated and the female laid eggs, the adults will die before winter comes. Others migrate to warmer countries (Monarch butterfly) and others will hibernate and seek out shelter such as inside sheds or holes in trees.

Where do butterflies go in the winter?

Like many animals and insects, they go south. There are places in Mexico where the butterflies literally blanket the trees and fill the air during the winter. Currently, these habitats are being endangered by new development. they go to we buy any car .com

What do you need to do to have butterflies come to your butterfly house?

Sadly, butterflies do not go to butterfly houses. Butterfly houses are beautiful and a great garden decoration. In warm areas of the world, butterfly houses hold lizards, wasps, spiders, and other creatures that eat butterflies. A few species of butterflies will hide in between cracks of wood in the winter. It is very unlikely that any butterflies would go inside a butterfly house to spend the winter.

When and where do butterfly go through migration?

It depends on the type of butterfly. Monarch butterflies migrate from Canada and the United States to Mexico, Central America, and northern South America for the winter (they leave when summer ends), laying eggs on the way, the eggs then hatching and joining the other monarchs on the way. They hibernate through the winter. They wake up in the spring, which is when many of them lay eggs and die, to have the eggs continue the journey back up North. Research some other butterflies or butterflies in general if this didn't completely answer your question.

How does the monarch move or migrate?

Monarchs migrate down south, in warmer parts of Mexico, where they hang upside down on special trees and flowers, creating a beautiful sight. hundreds of thousands of butterflies go down to Mexico each winter, and about 2/3 return.

Where does a monarch butterfly go in winter?

They Migrate for the winter. . They go to mexico, southern California. Read the life cycle in the link.

Where do insects go in the winter?

It depends on the insect. Some insects such as mosquitoes/dragonflies/damselflies can spend their larval stage in the water of ponds and streams. Adult forms of insects such as ladybugs will seek shelter under rocks, loose bark on trees and inside the walls of houses. Other insects such as Monarch butterflies can fly hundreds of miles south to spend the winter in Mexico, and return back to the U.S. next spring.

What associations go along with butterflies?

There are many associations that go along with butterflies. Peace and happiness are often associations that go along with butterflies.

How many people on average go to Quebec Winter Carnival?

About 65,000 people go to Quebec City to celebrate Quebec's Winter Carnival.

How do you tell how old a monarch butterfly is?

A Monarch caterpillar's age is indicated by the measurement of its head capsule. You can't tell the age of an adult butterfly. In the summer, the average life of an adult Monarch butterfly is roughly two weeks. In the winter, when they go into diapause and migrate, they may live as long as eight months.