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Most people think Dallas is bigger than San Antonio, but that is a common misconception. San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the US while Dallas ranks 9th. San Antonio has a population of just over 1.3 million while Dallas is just over 1.2 million. San Antonio's land area is approximately 412 square miles while Dallas is around 385 square miles. The metropolitan Dallas-Fort Worth area is larger than San Antonio, but Dallas itself is not.

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What is city is in between Dallas and San Antonio?


Is Dallas bigger than Fort Worth?

yes dallas is much bigger its bigger than ft worth and san antonio in area wisse

What is the biggest city in Texas?

Houston San Antonio Dallas

What city is halfway between Fort Worth and San Antonio TX?


How many hours to drive from Dallas to san antonio?

How many hour to drive form dallas to san antonio

Is San Antonio closer to Houston or Dallas?

San Antonio is closer to Houston by 77 miles. The distance between San Antonio and Houston is 197 miles; the distance from San Antonio to Dallas is 224 miles.

How many miles from San Antonio to Dallas?

The distance between San Antonio, TX, and Dallas, TX, is 277 miles.

Is San Antonio zoo bigger than San Diego Zoo?

No, The San Diego Zoo is bigger than the San Antonio Zoo.

Driving directions from dallas to san antonio?

1) Take I-35 SOUTH to San Antonio.

What is the nearest city to San Antonio Texas?

The nearest city to San Antonio, Texas is the city of Kirby, Texas. It is an enclave of San Antonio and is part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Where in Dallas is The Alamo?

The Alamo is in San Antonio.

What is the distance from San Antonio Texas to Dallas Texas?

The driving distance from San Antonio to Dallas is 274 mi- about 4 hours 22 mins.

Where are the san antonio spurs originally from?

The San Antonio Spurs are originally from Dallas, Texas. They were named the Dallas Chaparrals way back in the ABA era.

What is the meaning of territury?

New York City Los Angeles Chicago Houston Philadelphia Phoenix San Antonio San Diego Dallas San Jose

Who better entertainment San Antonio or Dallas?

In my opinion San Antionio.

Is Dallas fartheer than Austin?

If you're coming from San Antonio, Dallas is farther than Austin. If you're coming from Oklahoma City, Austin is farther than Dallas.

Is san antonio bigger than dallas ft worth?

Once, it was, but no longer. According to a 2011 Census estimate, the San Antonio metropolitan area has 2,194,927 people. (2010 Census: 2,142,508.) The Dallas/Fort Worth area has about 6.75 million people according to the 2010 Census.

What is halfway between Dallas and San Antonio?

The areas of Temple and Belton, Texas, are between Dallas and San Antonio. However, there are on major cities between those points.

Where do most Mexicans live in Texas?

El Paso, San Antonio, Dallas, Rio Grande City, and Fort Worth :)

What was the final score of the Dallas mavericks vs San Antonio Spurs game yesterday April 18?

The Dallas Mavericks beat the San Antonio Spurs 105-97.

Biggest cities in Texas?

The biggest city in the state of Texas is Houston. San Antonio is the second largest city followed by Dallas and Fort Worth.

Is san antonio Texas larger than Austin Texas?

Yes. San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas behind only Houston and is the third largest metro area behind Dallas and Houston.

What hotel do the Dallas Cowboys stay in when in San Antonio?


Where is Houston located in Texas?

Next to San Antonio and Dallas

What are 3 counties in Texas?

San Antonio, dallas, houston

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