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That would depend on the city you live in.

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Issue placed on a ballot by voters?

this dick

What is the difference between an issue and concern?

the problems that are created ata time its called issue and also its say that the person who create the problem its called him a concern..

Which issue would not concern most progressive?

Racial segregation in the south would not concern Progressives.

What is the name of the procedure that permits citizens to have an issue placed on the ballot for popular vote?


How do you put the word issue in a sentence?

The insurance company said they would issue a check. One issue with air pollution is that it makes asthma worse. A tax increase was one issue on the ballot.

What is this issue taxes is ignored?

give 3 reasons why taxes is a major issue in concern for people.paragrah 1- explore the issue of taxesparagraph 2- what if this issue is ignored?give 3 reasons why taxes is a major issue in concern for people.paragrah 1- explore the issue of taxesparagraph 2- what if this issue is ignored?

What is the name for a ballot question that asks voters if they want to borrow money?

A Bond issue is a ballot question that asks voters if they want to borrow money, usually for a specific purpose.

Ballot in which voters say yes or no to an issue?

plebiscite Sorry, no - referendum is the rquired answer. no its plebiscite if your on e2020

Why is obesity an issue of concern for young people?

obesity is an issue of concern for young people because they are missing out on a lot of things mostly because of there weight and potentially most of their life.

What constitutes an illegal ballot in a HOA?

Read your governing documents -- Articles of Incorporation, if applicable -- and review your state's legal requirements for a legal ballot based on your association's business status. Anything else could be an illegal ballot. You may also be interested in the associated documents that explain the issue being voted upon, the options for the issue, and exactly what your vote means.

What issue is most likely to concern a labor union?

Minimum wage is most likely a concern of a labor union.

Did the declaration of independence abolish slavery?

No. Slavery was not an issue of concern to this document.

Is the Federal Government responsible for public transport?

No, that is an issue for state concern.

Which issue is most likely to concern a labor union?

minimum wage

What is going-concern Assumption?

Going concern is the assumption that the company will be around for the foreseeable future. If an auditor has a going concern issue, he/she may fear that the company will go bankrupt, etc.

The book The Lorax showed concern for what social issue?

It shows pollution and deforestation

Why might unemployment not be a concern of the US economy?

Unemployment in the U.S is a huge issue.

What term describes the degree of concern people have about an ethical issue?

ethical intensity

What is the main concern regarding copyright and IT?

Software piracy is the biggest copyright issue in IT.

To whomsoever it may concern?

To whomsoever it may concern is a letter of notice on a specific issue for specific person while -to whom it may concern is a letter of reference to someone known for anyone not known.

What is the difference between worry and concern?

When you worry you are "worrying" about something that may never happen. Concern is when you are concerned about something that is a pressing issue that needs to be handled

What is the armys open door policy?

Reference Army Regulation 600-20 Chapter 2, paragraph 2-2 to answer your question, just keep in mind that door is always open but you should always allow your immediate chain of concern/command the opportunity to handle your issue at the lowest level unless you issue is with you immediate chain of concern/command.

What constitutional issue was the concern of nullification protective tariffs and the spread of slavery?

states rights

What type of special election allows citizens to have a direct vote on an issue?

This is called a voter "referendum." In some states in the US (but not all), a referendum can be called by voter initiative, i.e., by voters signing petitions to place a matter on the ballot. In some states, the legislature can place matters on the ballot if they want the people to decide the issue directly.

Should marijuana be legalized in Texas becouse I've heard rumors that it could next yearand I'm just making sure?

That's all up to the voters. Registered voters will determine if the issue of legal marijuana should be on the ballot next year. If it is then voters will also decide if it should be legalized or not.

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