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'Deseret' is what the original Mormon Pioneers named the area around what is now called "Utah". The federal government changed the name to Utah when they applied to become a state. It was not a city. The capital city of Deseret was Great Salt Lake City, which is now called Salt Lake City.


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'Deseret' is what the original Mormon Pioneers named the area around what is now called "Utah". It was not a city.

The town was founded by the Mormons in 1846. It was originally called Deseret, and was a small town.

The area called "Deseret" covered a very large portion of the American West - including all of Utah and parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and California. Mormons settled hundreds of cities and towns in "Deseret" including Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and many suburbs of Phoenix. Most of these towns are still in existence today.

No city was ever named dessert by Mormons. The Mormons proposed to the federal government a state or territory of the United States called Deseret, which encompassed parts of modern day Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, and Arizona. Their proposition was denied because the government feared it would encourage a theocracy and limit federal control of the area.

Salt Lake City, Utah. The church actually wanted to call the state "Deseret" instead of Utah.

The state of Deseret is associated with Salt Lake City, Utah. In 1849, Mormons proposed the state of Deseret but, it was never officially recognized by the U.S. government.

Salt Lake City was the city that the Mormons founded in Utah.

Mormons founded Salt Lake City, Utah, the capital of Utah. Actually, they founded the whole state of Utah...

No city was originally called Deseret, the state of Utah was once called Deseret (before it became an official U.S. Territory). The area that 'Deseret' took up was much larger than the area that Utah takes up now.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) believe that Joseph Smith founded their church under the direction of Jesus Christ.Deseret wasn't a city, it was a territory and proposed state that originally covered much of the west including parts of present day Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

Mormons established hundreds of towns, most of which were encompassed in a proposed US Territory called Deseret. Most of these cities and towns still exist today and comprise the majority of the cities and towns in what is now Utah, southern Idaho, northern Arizona, eastern Nevada, and southwestern Wyoming. Other Mormon-founded cities can be found in California, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Mexico, and Canada.

Mormons founded hundreds of cities, mostly in the Western US but some in the midwest, Canada, and Mexico. Nearly every city in Utah and most in southern Idaho and northern Arizona were founded by Mormons. Some of the more well-known cities founded by Mormons are Salt Lake City, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Deseret" was not the name of a city but of an entire region in the Intermountain West and a proposed US Territory. It encompassed areas in what is today Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Wyoming, Nevada, and California.

The first city founded by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the 'Mormon' church) that is still in existence today is Nauvoo, Illinois.

The most well known city founded by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (commonly called "Mormons") is Nauvoo. Other smaller settlements began near Nauvoo but most no longer exist as their own town.

The city was founded in 1847 as Great Salt Lake City by a group of Mormon pioneers led by their prophet, Brigham Young.

The Mormons - Church of The Latter Day Saints believe that the City or Kingdom of God will be Utah, USA.

The city of Nauvoo founded by the Mormons with a population of fifteen thousand people.

Salt Lake City, Utah has a population of over 1 million people. It was founded by a group of Mormons in the 19th century.

Although founded originally by Christian Mormons in the early 1900s, Las Vegas has become a highly liberal dominated city.

Brigham Young, led the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Mormons, to Utah, and founded Salt Lake City in 1847. He served as Utah's first governor, appointed by President Millard Fillmore, from 1851 to 1858.

Aside from the fact that Mormons shop at Walgreens, no. Contrary to popular belief, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) is NOT connected to a large number of multi-national corporations. (actually, it's not connected to any...) Their only corporate connections are with a few companies in the western United States. These are: Deseret Book (a religious book and gift store) Bonneville International (a newsmedia outlet) Temple Square Hospitality (cafes and reception centers in Salt Lake City) Deseret Management (manages a handful of apartments and office buildings in Salt Lake City) Beneficial Life Insurance

They didn't really make a settlement on the Great Salt Lake, as there is swampy marshland surrounding the lake for several miles. The first city they settled in the area was Great Salt Lake City, later renamed Salt Lake City, which is about 20 miles from the nearest shore of the Great Salt Lake.Salt Lake City and other Mormon settlements in the area were a part of a territory the Mormons named Deseret.

Salt Lake City, Utah also served as the capital of the Territory of Deseret. At that time it was called "Great Salt Lake City". When Utah first became a state, the capital was Fillmore. Later on, the capital was moved back to Salt Lake City.

Who founded the city of Rome?Romulus and Remus, twins reportedly raised by a she-wolf, founded the city of Rome. It was called Rome, after Romulus.

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