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What classes at Louisiana State University do you need to take to be a mechanical engineer?


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You would need the basics, probably including calculus, physics, English and other courses described in the catalogue for that university.

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A mechanical engineer has many of the same skills that an IT professional needs. They are analytical and detailed oriented and often have overlapping jobs or classes in school.

Several different colleges offer classes to become a private investigator. Some examples that I found are Boston University, Louisiana State University, and University of Washington.

I researched this and found a list of the top 25 schools for training to become a Private Investigator. The top schools are University of Washington, Boston University, Louisiana State University and University of Louisiana.

4 i think but you have to take almost sometimes all math classes

A mechanical engineer is not a scientist, they just implement the knowledge of the scientist in design. If you want to become a robotics scientist, you will need as much math and physics classes you can take. Focus on mechanics and higher level math classes.

Several different colleges offer classes to become a private investigator. Some examples that I found are Boston University, Louisiana State University, and University of Washington.

the best thing you can do is take what ever mechanic class your school provides maths all three of the sciences but do human biology more than the others. this is what you need to become a mechanical engineer but you only have to take biology if your going to be a motor engineer like me physics is needed for just about everything. i dont think i need to go on.

You need to take up to 4 years of calculus, as well as many science classes in physics and chemistry. Classes in algebra and trigonometry may be prerequisites for calculus.

Depends on the type of engineer you want to become. Calculus and Differential Equations. Most of the schools have some basic materials classes that are required, as well as the mandatory English, History and Science courses. My school also required everyone take Mechanical Engineering and a Civil Engineering class.

It depends on the educastional institution you are attending. Some universities or colledges require you to have certain prerequisties before you start the program,

Metal work, science & geographyACTUALLY:A good robotics engineer should be knowledgeable in computer hardware and software as well as mechanical engineering and electronics.

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honors physics / ap physics honors pre-calculus / ap calculus AB/BC honors chemistry engineering mechanics

Calculus, Trigonometry, Algebra, Chemistry, Physics, English, Mechanical Drawing and any other technical course you can find and at the highest level available.

you need IT , computing and have computer classes to be come a computing engineer

None. An electrical engineer is educated by an ABET accredited university. However, a solid high school educational background in math and physics may help one to master electrical engineering in college.

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It usually takes about 6 years to become a design engineer. After 4 years of undergraduate classes, 2-3 years of graduate classes are required.

Louisiana Technical College [337-262-5962] in Lafayette, Louisiana offers CNA training.

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