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You have take an art class to become an artist for college

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What type of classes can an artist attend?

It is usually art classes.

Do you have to take art classes to become an artist?

Yes, you do have to take art classes to become an artist. You can take classes at a local community college, and get an

What do I have to do to take make up classes to become a professional make up artist?

Make up classes are just like classes at any other school. You can take them through any make up artist school. There are several lists online of where to go. Make up classes aren't hard to find. There are several make up schools that you can attend to become a professional make up artist.

How many years of college do you need to attend to become and artist?

2-5 years of college are needed to become an artist.

How can a person become an artist?

You can become an artist by practicing art. It would also be a good idea to take art classes.

What classes do you attend to become a massage therapist?

anatomy 1 & 2

Where can a convicted felon attend classes to become an electrician in pa?


Do I need to attend pharmacy tech classes?

If you are planning to attend school to become a pharmacy technician you may be required to attend a class for it.

Can you attend Harvard to become a pediatrician?

yes you can by applying to health and health related classes

Can you attend Spelman College to become a pediatrician?

I want to know, what college classes are required at spelaman college to become a pediatrician

How did Pablo Picasso become interested in art?

His father was an artist who gave him classes on art and sculpting.

How do I apply to become a make up artist?

To become a makeup artist, you would need to get a degree in cosmetology. There are a lot of private schools, that only last a under a year, that you could attend.

What kind of classes should you take to become a anime or manga Japan's comic book artist?

you should take some are classes and also some classes in creative writing.

What classes do you have to take to become a lawyer And wat would be the major?

You have to attend law school and take law at university to become a lawyer.

How long do you need to go to school to become a artist?

You don't need to attend school to be an artist, although it can be helpful to learn and perfect certain techniques.

How can I become a makeup artist?

Some places require different certifications to become a makeup artist. It depends on where you reside. Different countries have different qualifications. Often, there are classes and practice that must occur.

How long do classes take to become a makeup artist?

It does not take very long to become a makeup artist. Generally programs allow a certificate after 3-6 months, depending on the individual program.

What classes does one have to take to become a makeup artist?

There are several types of classes that a person may want to take in order to become a make-up artist. If an individual wants to become a beautician who does make-up for normal individuals, he or she may take cosmetology classes. If a person wants to be a make-up artist for movie and film, he or she would need to take college level theater courses. There are college theater courses which are specifically for theatrical make-up.

Can you attend classes without your ged or can you attend classes and get your ged?

Many colleges will allow you to take college preparatory classes while earning your GED there.

How do you become a artist?

how to become an a artist

What classes would you take to be an artist?

you have to take art classes

Can an advisor tell me how to become an engineer?

Yes. A college adviser can certainly tell you how to become and engineer and which classes to take. You could also attend a Tech school.

How do you become cosmetology instructer?

You have to be a licensed Cosmetologist for at least 2 years and then you have to attend the proper classes and take your certification test.

How can I obtain a pilot license in California?

To become a pilot you will need to attend classes and pass an exam. There are several schools you can choose from.

Subjects needed to become a artist?

I am assuming you mean a visual artist (like a painter or sketcher). Unless you decide to be a self-taught artist, you would need to take drawing classes, painting classes (watercolor, oil, pastels, acrylic, charcoal, ink, etc... it depends what medium you want to use), some art history classes and whatever else you find interesting.

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