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Although each school has different requirements, some of the most common (with the UCD equivalents) are: Chemistry (1 year, including general and organic

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Q: What classes do you need to take in college for nursing?
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What classes you need to take in college to become a general surgeon?

You need to take the history of medicine and nursing.

What high school courses do nurses need to take?

You just need to take all pre-college curriculum classes. You will take all of your nursing courses once you get into college.

What college classes do you need to take to become a registered nurse?

As prerequisites, you need Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, and English. Then you need to follow the entire nursing program at your college.

What classes do you need to take in college to become a zoologist?

What classes do you need to take in college to be a zoologist

What classes should you take in high school to become a nurse?

To become a nurse, you need to study nursing in a community college or four-year university. Studying biology and chemistry in high school will help you prepare for your nursing classes in college.

What education is required to get a career in nursing?

In order to get a career in nursing, you will need to attend college and take your per-requisite classes, and then apply to get into nursing school. The amount of schooling you will need depends on whether you want to be a LPN or an RN.

What do you have to do to accomplish being a nurse?

A person who wants to be a nurse will need to go to college and take nursing classes. A nursing student will also take clinicals and have on the job training before becoming a nurse.

Are there special classes I need to take to become a CNA?

Yes, there are several special classes which you are going to need to take in order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. It may be a good idea to either talk to someone in this profession, or to perhaps visit a local college and talk to a nursing professor.

What classes do you need take to be a social worker?

you need to take a nursing class , and special needs class.

Where to become a registered nurse?

You can take nursing classes at a community college if you have one in you location or even do online classes at some online college. I would recommend an community college.

Where can I take a nursing lesson?

Many sites offer online nursing courses for the basic tests and skills for nursing. However, if you prefer, you can also take classes at your local community college.

Where online can I find out about nursing classes?

This depends on where you want to take classes. If you want to actually attend a school you need to look at the nursing department's site.

What college classes should you take if you want to be a F.B.I profile?

You will need a law or justice major and need to take the classes the college requires to graduate. Get a college catalog and talk with a counselor on what to take and when.

Can I take certified nursing assistant classes online to get certified?

You can take some classes but you will need to also take some in person as you need to learn to draw blood and things like that.

What classes in college do you need to take to be in the WNBA?

You don't have to take classes. You just need to be really good. And if you want to get into a college with a really good basketball program, you have to practice ALOT!!

Can I take nursing classes online?

You could but it would have to be through an accredited college. If you dont make sure of this then they wont count for a job. Most employers wont hire somebody who didnt take classes from an accredited college.

What are some classes that you need to take in college to become a gynecologist?

You need to decide whatmedical college you want to attend, and ask for a degree plan which will list the classes you need to take for your degree. Good Luck

is there anywhere besides college i can go to to take practical nursing classes?

The only way that you can become a nurse is to go to college. You don't have to go to a 4 year or 2 year college, but you can go to a business college and attend classes. Then you would take the practical test and get your certification.

What classes should you take in high school in order to go to college for nursing?

Preparing for Nursing SchoolMost nursing schools want entering freshman to have a 3.0 GPA or higher, depending on the school. Keep that in mind. In regards to classes you need to take, focus on the sciences (especially biology, anatomy and chemistry), the social sciences such as psychology or sociology, and math such as statistics and calculus. When you enter nursing school, you will have to take classes (and eventually clinicals) in multiple areas of the nursing field, not just the area you think you may be interested in. The college wants its graduates to be well rounded and have knowledge of all areas of the field. You will find which area you are most interested in through your classes and clinicals as well as any nursing related jobs you have during your time in school.

What are the additional classes I have to take in order to become a registered nurse when I am laready an LPN?

Additional nursing classes are required. You will also need to take biology, sociology, English and speech classes.

do you have to take algebra classes in college?

No you do not have to take algebra classes in college

What classes are needed in college to become a radiologist?

there are many classes that you need to take :) have fun on your journey :)

Where in Wisconsin can I take certified nursing assistant classes?

Marquette University offers nursing assistant classes in Wisconsin.

what classes do i need to take in college to be a kindergarten teacher?

To become a kindergarten teacher you need to take classes in education. You should be an education major if you plan to become a teacher. You will also have to take communication classes.

What classes to take in college to be a veteranian?

Each college has its own requirements. You will need to take a lot of sciences including animal science, biology classes, physics and chemistry.

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