What classes do you need to take in community college to major in political science before transferring to a 4 year university to major in political science?

Well, for your first term take the following classes (or equivalent depending on the community college you attend): pos110, eng105 (or an acceptable math class), two liberal studies (ls) classes, and some general elective class (ge).

The second term take: pos120, the eng105 is a year long course so it will carry over, also the two ls classes, and then another general elective class. Now onto your second year at the community college.

For the third term take: some pos elective (i would consult a counselor on a specific class), two ls classes again, then some minor course, and another general elective.

Then for your fourth term everything is basically the same as the third except take pos201.

After this it's onto a four year university to get your bs in pos (after a couple more years of course).