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Search the websites of the universities you are likely to go to, and see what they say for "Admission Requirements." They will vary a bit, but for any kind of engineering you can't go wrong taking all the maths and science courses your High School offers, at the highest levels they are offered. But don't neglect at least one higher level English course.

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Q: What classes should you take in high school to become an electrical engineer?
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What classes should you take in high school and college to become an electrical engineer?

Maths and Sciences: - Physics - Chemistry - Algebra - Calculus - Computer Science

What classes do you take in school if you want to become a computer engineer?


What classes do you have to take to be an electrical engineer in high school?

None. An electrical engineer is educated by an ABET accredited university. However, a solid high school educational background in math and physics may help one to master electrical engineering in college.

Can an advisor tell me how to become an engineer?

Yes. A college adviser can certainly tell you how to become and engineer and which classes to take. You could also attend a Tech school.

What classes should you take to become a petroleum engineer in college and high school?

all sciences and maths

What do you need to study to become an engineer?

To become an engineer takes a minimum of four years of education beyond high school. Specialties such as oil, civil, or electrical engineering take some more school beyond that.

What classes to take in high school to become an electrical engineer?

Calculus, Trigonometry, Algebra, Chemistry, Physics, English, Mechanical Drawing and any other technical course you can find and at the highest level available.

What high school classes do i to take to become a biomedical engineer?

The high school classes that a person can take to become a biomedical engineer are science and mathematics courses. These are courses that will prepare you for the undergraduate degree in this field. Classes that you may need to take for a bachelor's in biomedical engineering are advanced mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and mechanics.

How many years does a person have to go to school to become an electrical engineer?

Should be at least a 4 year degree.

What HIgh-school classes are needed to become a nuclear engineer?

Physics, Math and science would probably be most important in the field of Nuclear Engineer. or in any nuculear system

What classes do you have to take in junior high to become a lawyer?

The classes you take in Junior High are not a factor. The classes you take in high school do not really affect your ability to become an attorney. And, believe it or not, the classes you take in college don't really matter. Law students can have just about any degree and go to law school. I was an engineer with no thoughts of law school when I got out of college.

What classes in high school do you have to take to become an engineer?

As much math as possible such as Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. Then drafting is important along with computer classes. Biology is also an important class.

What high school subjects do you need to become an electrical engineer?

you need food tech and strong mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics and PE

What classes do you need to become an engineer?

Depends on the type of engineer you want to become. Calculus and Differential Equations. Most of the schools have some basic materials classes that are required, as well as the mandatory English, History and Science courses. My school also required everyone take Mechanical Engineering and a Civil Engineering class.

What is culinary engineer?

Culinary engineer- A person who has went to school to become a chef.

What are the steps to electrical engineering?

To become an electrical engineer you need a degree from an accredited university or college. To be successful in high school you would need to take every available math, chemistry and physics course and enjoy the classes. It is also important to take English courses because to be successful you also need to be able to write well.

What classes in high school would help you succeed as an aeronautical engineer?

Physics and mathematics.

How do you become a chartered engineer?

you have to go to school before you get a degree then you will become one

How can I learn how to become an engineer?

Becoming an engineer requires at least 4 years of school with a focus on engineering. This way is the only way to become a engineer in any field.

I am interested in taking classes for engineer training.?

Usually in becoming an engineer you want to stick with a school that specializes in the field you want to go into. Some of the best school choices would be a technical school, but any acccredited school will do.

What high school classes are needed to become an actor?

i believe theater arts classes are needed to become an actor.

What high school classes should you take if you what to be an aeronautical engineer?

Every math course available.

What are good high school classes to take to be a nuclear engineer?

Physics, chemistry and engineering i think

What classes you should take in High school if you want to become a pediatric surgon?

What classes do you have to take in high school inorder to become a cardiovascul;ar surgon?

What are the odds of becoming a engineer?

The odds of becoming an engineer are fairly good. If you would like to become an engineer and do well in school the odds are in your favor.

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