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What classes should you take to become a petroleum engineer in college and high school?


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all sciences and maths


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you need IT , computing and have computer classes to be come a computing engineer

Yes. A college adviser can certainly tell you how to become and engineer and which classes to take. You could also attend a Tech school.

Your best bet would be to talk to a counselor to see what classes are required.

To become a field engineer you need an engineering degree with a concentration in a subject like petroleum. This degree requires 4 years of study at college.

It is possible since almost the major subjects of both the disciplines match. A chemical engineer can go for post-graduate study in petroleum engineering easily. Generally, chemical and petroleum engineers would work together in a petroleum/oil& gas industry.

To become an Aerospace Engineer you have to go to college.

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Maths and Sciences: - Physics - Chemistry - Algebra - Calculus - Computer Science

It usually takes about 6 years to become a design engineer. After 4 years of undergraduate classes, 2-3 years of graduate classes are required.

The classes you take in Junior High are not a factor. The classes you take in high school do not really affect your ability to become an attorney. And, believe it or not, the classes you take in college don't really matter. Law students can have just about any degree and go to law school. I was an engineer with no thoughts of law school when I got out of college.

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You would need to get a degree in computer engineering. Please visit your college advisor for a full list of required courses.

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It depends on the educastional institution you are attending. Some universities or colledges require you to have certain prerequisties before you start the program,

Take the classes that will prepare you. Take math and science classes, as many as you can. Don't worry about getting into the best college. Start to think about what kinds of Engineering you would like. Learn about Engineering in your current job.

You have to attend college to become an aeronautical engineer. Colleges and Universities offer a Bachelors of Science in Aerospace engineering.

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there are many classes that you need to take :) have fun on your journey :)

u can become a software engineer by practicing various languages , taking courses or having a bachelors degree in the field through college.

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