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cumulus clouds make rain after water vapors turn into water and fall onto the earth's surface.

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What does a cumulonimbus cloud produce?

A cumulonimbus cloud produces rain.

Are nimbus clouds storm clouds?

Well a nimbus cloud is not a cloud. If you are referring to a cumulonimbus cloud than yes. A cumulonimbus cloud is a storm cloud. Clouds that have names that include -nimbus or nimbo- are likely to produce precipitation.

Can a cumulonimbus cloud produce hail?

Yes. Hail is produce by thunderstorms, which form from cumulonimbus clouds.

Does the cumulus cloud produce rain?

yes if it is a cumulonimbus cloud!

What are cumulonimbus tornadoes?

There is no such thing as a cumulonimbus tornado. A cumulonimbus cloud is a ver large towering cloud. Most thunderstorms are cumulonimbus clouds, and some of the strongest of these storms are what produce tornadoes.

Tornadoes often form from a type of cumulonimbus cloud called a?

Cumulonimbus incus, which has an obvious anvil top. Only very strong ones, called supercells, spawn tornadoes.Cumulonimbus icnus is the most likely type of storm cloud to produce a tornado. These cumulonimbus clouds are often supercells.Tornadoes can form from any cumulonimbus cloud, but they usually form from Cumulonimbus incus (heaped rain cloud with anvil) with a rotating updraft called a mesocyclone. The type of storm this rotating cumulonimbus cloud brings is a strong thunderstorm called a supercell, the thunderstorm most likely to form a tornadocumulonimbus clouds

What types of clouds produce thunderstorms?

A cumulonimbus cloud

What two types of clouds produce rain?

a cumulus cloud and a cumulonimbus produce rain.

Which type of cloud would most likely lead you to predict a thunderstorm?

The cumulonimbus cloud.

Tornadoes are most likely to be produced from which type of cloud?


What kind of cloud may produce most intense precipitation?

Cumulonimbus, because a cumulonimbus cloud is involved in almost all types of precipitation and other intense weather,

What kind of cloud produces lighting?

Cumulonimbus clouds are clouds that produce lightning.

Is cumulonimbus a real cloud?

Yes. They are the massive dark clouds that produce lightning.

What type of cloud can produce hail lightning storms and tornadoes?

Cumulonimbus clouds.

Which cloud produce thunderstorm?

A CUMULONIMBUS (ck-yoo-m-yoo-lo-nim-bis) cloud produces thunderstorms.

What isCumulonimbus cloud form when warm moist air is suddenly lifted how can the same cumulonimbus cloud produce rain and hail?


What forms from a cumulonimbus cloud called a wall cloud?

First. A wall cloud is not a cumulonimbus clouds, but is a smaller cloud that extends from the base of a cumulonimbus. Tornadoes often form from wall clouds.

What causes a cumulonimbus cloud?

What causes a cumulonimbus cloud is the cold and warm fronts that colided.

Where does the cumulonimbus cloud form from the side view of a tornadic thunderstorm?

The entire thunderstorm is a cumulonimbus cloud.

What kind of cloud are thunderstorm cloud?


What cloud is fluffy towering with flat tops that often produce thunderstorms?

cumulonimbus, sometimes called a thunderhead.

What has a funnel and is at the bottom of a cumulonimbus cloud?

A tornado has a funnel and is at the bottom of a cumulonimbus cloud. If its winds do not reach the ground, though it is just a funnel cloud.

Which type of cloud is know as the thunderstorm cloud?


What is thunder head?

A cumulonimbus cloud/thunderstorm cloud

Which type of cloud produces thunderstorms?

Cumulonimbus Cloud:)

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