What code of conduct did knights follow?

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They followed the Knights Code of Chivalry.
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Why did knights have to follow code of chivalry?

When a knight had to follow the Code of Chivalry, the reason was not legal or military, but personal. If the knight did not follow the Code of Chivalry, his lady would not res

What code did knights follow?

The code of conduct that they followed is called: Chivalry. Bravery, honor, courtesy, and gallantry.

How do you know that knights followed the code of chivalry?

In some cases, Knights did follow the Code of Chivalry, and in a few of those cases, their doing was was recorded in chronicles and other books. It was worthy of being recorde

Did all knights have to follow the code of chivalry?

Answer Yes. At first they were a little more than wiseguys or mobsters and raiding villages, killing, and raping. So, the church stepped in and made rules. They made each kn

What was the code of ethics that knights were to follow?

Originally, there was no code of ethics specifically for knights. During the High Middle Ages, however, the Code of Chivalry was formulated to govern the conduct of knights. I
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Why do you have to follow code of conduct?

Code of conduct is the standard or etiquttes which must be adhered to or followed. Every profession has its own code of conduct, which means if u are into that profession, y