What code of conduct did knights follow?

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They followed the Knights Code of Chivalry.
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Why did knights have to follow code of chivalry?

When a knight had to follow the Code of Chivalry, the reason was not legal or military, but personal. If the knight did not follow the Code of Chivalry, his lady would not respect him. Obviously, not all knights were constrained by ladies, and not all ladies really cared... So that is the reason why ( Full Answer )

What is the code of conduct for Islam?

The basic code of conduct for Muslims is called the Five Pillars of Islam, which are: Belief in the One God (Allah) and in His messenger, the prophet Muhammad; praying five times a day; giving to the poor and needy; fasting during the holy month of Ramadan; and making the pilgrimage (the hajj) to th ( Full Answer )

What is the Jewish code of conduct?

Torah, with its oral commentary, the Talmud. Today, the rulings of the Torah and Talmud have been set forth in the Shulkhan Arukh (Code of Jewish Law), published in 1566.

What is the knights code of honor?

This is the Knight's code as I've found it. Valor, Valor, A knight is sworn to Valor, His Heart knows only Virtue, His words speak only Truth, His Blade defends the Helpless, His Might upholds the Weak, His Wroth undoes the Wicked, Valor, Valor, A Knight is sworn to Valor! Knig ( Full Answer )

What is the code of conduct?

A code ofconduct is a set of rules outlining the responsibilitiesof or proper practices for an individual, party ororganization.. A code ofconduct is a set of rules outlining the responsibilitiesof or proper practices for an individual, party ororganization..

Medieval knights followed rules called the code of?

Knights had to follow the 'Code of Chivalry.' The chivalry was a code of conduct in which Knights had to protect and defend the less fortunate, women including to show qualities of loyalty and honesty. As a Knight you were taught to worship you God.

What is Pepsi code of conduct?

Pepsi's code of conduct as quoted: "PepsiCo is committed to providing safe and healthy work environments and to being an environmentally responsible corporate citizen. It is our policy to comply with all applicable environmental, safety and health laws and regulations. We are dedicated to designi ( Full Answer )

Boy follow to become a knight?

First The boy have to become a page, then become a squire, theh he will get promoted into being a Knighthood.

What is Johnson and Johnson's code of conduct?

It is our fundamental responsibility to place the well-being of the patient first by appropriately balancing risks and benefits and to ensure that the best interests of patients and physicians who use our products receive utmost consideration. It is our responsibility to help ensure access to our ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of code of conduct?

Code of Conduct is the standard of expected ethical behaivor for the company's employees. It is about holding yourself to the highest standards of ethical business behavior. Typically Codes talk about expectations to obey the law, conflicts of interest, insider trading, preserving confidential infor ( Full Answer )

What is a EFT Code of Conduct?

The Electronic FundTransfer Act was passed by the U.S. Congress in 1978 and signed byPresident Jimmy Carter , to establish the rights and liabilities of consumers as well as the responsibilities ofall participants in electronic funds transfer activities

What do you mean by code of conduct?

It is a standard of ethics to which certain organizations and/or individuals adhere when they carry out their duties and responsibilities. It is usually HIGHLY idealized and many times it is impossible to attain ALL the values which is set forth in it, but it IS a goal which all, who ascribe to it, ( Full Answer )

What is the code of a knight?

Courtesy To a Knight, courtesy involves more than merely following rules of etiquette. It is also an attitude, a way of presenting himself to the world. A knight carries himself proudly, maintains self-control, and accepts ill- mannered behavior with grace. He follows social customs to the b ( Full Answer )

What code did knights follow?

The code of conduct that they followed is called: Chivalry. Bravery, honor, courtesy, and gallantry.

What is the code that all knights live by?

Knights were supposed to live by the Code of Chivalry. This was the code that states that knights have to respect both the poor and women, never show fear in battle, and also respect and honor those who have a higher authority than you.

What is Dell computers code of conduct?

In my experience, "Sell Computer. Wait for email 3 months later from customer complaining computer no longer turns on. Ignore email. Wait for more tech savy (that's me) friend (that's me) to email in with legal threats. Email back with a very unhelpful email, not answering a single one of the questi ( Full Answer )

What was the knights code of chivalry?

The knights code of Chivalry was their code of law on how to defend the castle and their fellow comrades. And their way of discipline. the Knights Codes of Chivalry are as follows: To fear God and maintain His Church To serve the liege lord in valour and faith To protect the weak and defe ( Full Answer )

Code of conduct for Hinduism?

Being the oldest religion, Hinduism has experimented with all kinds of codes of conduct and has found that they have certain drawbacks. DRAWBACKS OF CODE OF CONDUCT: 1. It makes life artificial, rigid and inefficient 2. It reduces the quality of life 3. It isolates the followers from rest of the ( Full Answer )

What is Buddhism's code of conduct?

It is happiness and go with the flow. ... unless of course "the flow" involves drinking or drugs, sexual misconduct, hurting other sentient beings, lusting after more than your share, using your energies in a negative manner, killing, lying to harm others, cheating, stealing, use of bad language an ( Full Answer )

How do you know that knights followed the code of chivalry?

In some cases, Knights did follow the Code of Chivalry, and in a few of those cases, their doing was was recorded in chronicles and other books. It was worthy of being recorded because following the Code of Chivalry was not all that common among the knights.

What is the code on Astro Knights Island?

Cosmic Symbols Password Use the Cosmic Symbols card to get into the secret chamber under the fountain. Take the Princess's message from the Maid's room and meet the girl in the upper loft of the Mill. The Coordinates for the Saucer When you have recovered a fuel rod for the saucer, the instrumen ( Full Answer )

Define code of conduct?

a code of conduct represents the policies and procedures set for the organization and its employees.

What is ACM code of conduct for computing?

GENERAL MORAL IMPERATIVES As an ACM member I will ... 1.1 Contribute to society and human well-being. 1.2 Avoid harm to others. 1.3 Be honest and trustworthy. 1.4 Be fair and take action not to discriminate. 1.5 Honor property rights including copyrights and patents. 1.6 Give proper cre ( Full Answer )

Code of conduct of security guards?

Most people don't even know it, but in 2009 the British Columbia government introduced a Code of Conduct for security guards. It was put into the Security Services Act Regulations, in section 14. A large part of the reason the government decided to inroduce the Code of Conduct was pressure from a n ( Full Answer )

Why is the code of conduct important?

A code of conduct is important because it gives employees a set ofprinciples to measure behavior by. It also makes the workenvironment more pleasant as it curtails negative behaviors.

Who is in charge of the code of conduct of the lawyers?

The conduct of attorneys is regulated by the bar association for the state or jurisdiction. They work with the state's highest court in creating the Code of Conduct. It is published by the high court and attorneys are expected to follow it. Otherwise they can be reported to the attorney grievance ( Full Answer )

What is a code of conduct for a nonprofit organization?

Code of Conduct is pretty common for any kind of organization. There would be higher expectation from a non profit organization because those people are actually not getting paid. Some of the points would be, good personality, good behaviour, being respectful, etc.

What did the Samurai code of conduct demand?

Samurai were fearsome warriors. They vowed to fight for their lord, even if it meant that they could not protect their own family. Dying an honorable death was more important than living a long life. The samurai code was also called the bushido..

Did all knights have to follow the code of chivalry?

Answer Yes. At first they were a little more than wiseguys or mobsters and raiding villages, killing, and raping. So, the church stepped in and made rules. They made each knight promise to follow them on the pain of excommunication. This was very powerful because they thought the only way to heave ( Full Answer )

What are the code of conducts for Hinduism?

Hinduism has a strict code of conduct that its followers should abide by in their daily lives. It consists of ten restrictions, or yamas and ten observations, or niyamas. This is the ethical and moral discipline of the Sanatana-dharma religion, without the support of which, spiritual progress would ( Full Answer )

What is the code of conduct in the Gurdwara?

The Code of Conduct in the Gurdwara 1 . Take off your shoes. One is advised to take off their socks too, so that the foul smell of the socks does not enter the Gurudwara premises. This is to show respect. Place your shoes in the shoe room. It also stops dust getting into the Gurdwara. 2. Cover ( Full Answer )

Why do places of worship have a codes of conduct?

So they can kick out people who don't obey it because they think they know there religion is real but it isn't. Yes we have a father of the world. You have a father and all they want you to do is grow up be independent, responsible and so on. That's what i think the world should do as then God would ( Full Answer )

When was the army code of conduct created?

The Code of Conduct for members of the Armed Forces of the United States was first issued by President Dwight D. Eisenhower August 17, 1955.

What is the purpose for the code of conduct?

Many professions are regulated by statute, but due to the nature of the professions, statutes alone are not sufficient to guarantee proper conduct. That's where codes of conduct come in. Such codes encourage behavior which enable discharge of professional duties in situations where such behavior is ( Full Answer )

Did pirates have a code of conduct?

Yes. Many pirates (at least the successful ones) came from a life in the military and were well trained. Their captains had to be voted in by the crew, earnings were fairly divided, and there were punishments in place for anyone that breeched the ships standing orders.

What is a redeem code for spiral knights?

Redeem codes are unique, and can only be used once. The Item you receive from them is generated for that purpose only, so guessing a code won't work, because the item for the code won't have been generated yet.

What was the code of ethics that knights were to follow?

Originally, there was no code of ethics specifically for knights. During the High Middle Ages, however, the Code of Chivalry was formulated to govern the conduct of knights. It required knights to be honorable, loyal, merciful, and honest. It also required knights to protect people who were poor or ( Full Answer )

What religion did knights follow?

the knights lived in the medieval times and in that time about everyone was Christian so knights were probably Christians

What are the codes for spiral knights?

The only codes that existed for Spiral Knights are unique Item Redeeming codes, generated for special events. You wouldn't be able to randomly guess one; they item for the code would have to be generated first, and they don't do that until they need to, and codes can only be used once.

What is the code of a knights?

The code of knights is called Chivalry. Chivalry is defined as being noble, truthful- and trustworthy on your behalf. If Knights backed down from their word, they'll be dishonored. The Knights of the round table followed this code.

Why do you have to follow code of conduct?

Code of conduct is the standard or etiquttes which must be adhered to or followed. Every profession has its own code of conduct, which means if u are into that profession, you must follow those ethical and moral norms.

What was the samurais military code of conduct?

it was a code of conduct that the samurai had to live by they had to respect their elder honour their lord and fight when told to if they did not they would disimbow them selfs by sticking a knife into their lower adomen and cutting up wards this is a very pain full death so i would not like to beco ( Full Answer )

Why blog need code of conduct?

Blogs require a code of conduct to ensure that the public can freely view the contents of the blog without having to separate specific age groups due to inappropriateness or profanity. If the blog didn't have the code of conduct the site could become out of control.