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Anatomy,Biology.I also recomend an English or speech class.I also had to take calculus.I took a few classes in biochemistry. I would also take health science, or a related health class.

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Q: What college classes do you have to take to become a medical doctor?
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Related questions

What is the skills needed to be a medical doctor?

the skills that you need to become a doctor is a medical degree which you can get at college.

How do you use the word medical doctor in a sentence?

Example sentence - He went to college to become a medical doctor.

Can a nurse practitioner become a doctor?

A nurse can enter a Medical School, take the same classes as medical students, and become a Physician.

Where do you go to become a doctor?

First college and then medical school.

Colleges to go to to become a doctor?

what are some colleges to become a doctor? Sanford brown medical school(college)

What college degree do you need to become a neurlogist?

Neurologist-- Medical Doctor

How do you become medical doctor?

You finish undergraduate college, then go to medical school, then become an intern and finally you take medical board exams.

What class do you take in college to become and ER doctor?

In order to become an ER doctor, you will want to focus on science and math classes in college. This includes biology, chemistry, and physics.

What classes are a person required to take to become a medical examiner?

The coroner is usually a doctor but it can be an elected official that uses a medical advisor. Coroners need medical classes, chemistry, and physics.

What degrees do you need to become a doctor?

In order to become a doctor you need a bachelor's degree from a 4 year college, and then a doctor of medicine from a medical school.

Studies needed to become a doctor after 12th?

To become a doctor, after high school you must go to college, and then go to medical school.

What are the required classes to be a psychiatry?

Its a post graduate medical certification. First you need to become a medical doctor, GP. Then you take further study to become a psychiatrist.

What is the degree that pediatrician gets after college?

After college you must become a medical doctor, and then complete an accredited residency program to become a pediatrician.

What college degree do you need to become a gynecologist?

You first have to attend medical school to become a medical doctor, then you must study the specialty of gynecology

How do you become a medical doctor in USA?

To become a medical doctor in USA, one must successfully complete 4 years of college and an additional 4 years of medical school. An internship and residency requirements will follow.

How many years does a associate medical examiner go to college?

How many years of college does this take to become? A medical examiner should be a doctor, but about an assistant?

How can one become a student doctor?

To become a student doctor you can begin by taking college classes, either online or at a physical school. Once you do that your teacher can help instruct you from there.

Do you needa technical collage degree to be a doctor?

A medical doctor degree is not a technical college degree. A doctor must get a degree from a medical school. Then, they need to complete an internship and residency to become a doctor. A technical college is for positions under the doctor's supervision, such as a phlebotomist.

What classes do you have to take to become a medical examiner?

That depends on the location. Some places have no specific requirements. Most require that you be a medical doctor with training in pathology.

What Classes To Become A Doctor?

It usually takes at least 11 years to become a doctor: 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and 3 years working in a hospital. To become a doctor, you should study alot biology, alot chemistry, alot physics, alot math, alot of Health and alot English. It is not easy to get into medical school.Im not really sure if you need to take social studies/humanities...but just take though. I wanna be a doctor. People who are reading this and wants to be doctor you must take these classes and think smart for your career... I hope this is the answer you are looking for.

How many years would it take to become a licensed medical doctor?

12-15 years of college, medical school, and residency.

How many years do you have to stay in college to become a doctor?

To become a doctor you have to apply to medical school and that is university. Takes over 6 years to start as a licensed physician

How many years of college do you need to become a sex therapist?

you have to go medical school 6-8 years and become a doctor

What collage do you have to go to become a doctor?

4 years at college(get your bachelors) then 4 years of medical school

What degree is needed to become an orthopedic doctor?

A college degree, followed by a medical degree, either an MD or a DO

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