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What college courses do you have to take in order to be a photographer?

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You will undoubtedly have to take some basic courses (history, algebra, English, etc.). Then you will take 30-60 hours of classes in Photography, art, or whatever. It really depends on the university. You need to take basic art courses that teach about color, contrast, composition, texture, etc. You also have to take basic chemistry and learn how light travels and is diffused or reflected. There's really not a whole lot to getting started. Studying the work of famous photographers helps, as does working as an understudy to a professional.

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No. Although photography classes and courses will hone your skills, you do not have to take the classes or courses to become a good photographer. Some people have natural eye.

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No, You have to take diving courses. You don't have to go to college at all. In fact you only have to be 10 years old.

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Yes, you want to have your focus before college on doing well in college. This means being ready to take on whatever courses you choose while you are there. If you spend your time before college taking 3 courses, you will be too tired of studying and the college experience will be more gruesome. You want to be ready to take a full course load when you're in college.

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What high school classes will you need to take in order to be a photographer?

Probabaly the best thing you can do in high school is to get onto the school's news paper as a photographer. After you graduate, there should be several options for photographic schools throughout the country or several college courses available.For now, I'd suggest you start at the local library and read up on the basics of photography and then techniques.If you can, get a camera and get started taking pictures and take it from there.And you can join your schools yearbook club. =]

What is the meaning of AP subject?

Advanced Placement, Courses are college-level courses that a student can take in high school.

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