What college courses do you take to become a ObGyn?

The classes one must take to get into medical school are the same no matter which kind of physician one wants to be. Generally, the premed requirements consist of a year of biology, a year of inorganic chemistry, a year of organic chemistry, calculus, english, and a year of physics. (Check with a premed advisor to make sure that these have not changed). If you know that you have a particular interest in OBGYN, you might consider trying to volunteer with a clinic or hospital and finding an OB who would serve as your mentor to see if it's really what you want to do and to show your interest in the field. Once in medical school, all of the classes and rotations are the same for everyone until the fourth year, when elective rotations can be taken. You would need to apply to OB residency programs during that year of medical school and then complete an OB residency (tpyically 4 years). The other alternative with OB is to be a family physician who performs deliveries. Hope this helps! Dr. B.