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There are two universities in Arkadelphia AR. The first is state founded Henderson State University and the second is a private university Ouachita Baptisit University.

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Q: What college is in Arkadelphia?
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When was Arkadelphia - Amtrak station - created?

Arkadelphia - Amtrak station - was created in 1917.

What is the population of Arkadelphia Arkansas?

According to, the ACS estimates the population of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, is 10,833.

Where is the Clark County Library in Arkadelphia located?

The address of the Clark County Library is: 609 Caddo Street, Arkadelphia, 71923 0609

What are the three major cities of the Ouachita Mountains?

Hot Springs Little Rock Arkadelphia

Is Henderson state university a good college to go to?

Henderson State University is located in a small town of about 10,000 people in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Arkadelphia is located in western Arkansas, close to major cities like Hot Springs, Little Rock, and Texarkana.

Where is the Clark County Historical Association Inc in Arkadelphia Arkansas located?

The address of the Clark County Historical Association Inc is: Po Box516, Arkadelphia, AR 71923

What highway connects arkadelphia and texarkana?

US-67 would be the road that goes through both towns, meaning that this roadway connects both Arkadelphia, Arkansas and Texarkana, Arkansas. Another route that could be considered to connect the two cities is Interstate 30, which does not run through Arkadelphia but serves as a quicker route between the two cities.

How far from Houston Texas to arkadelphia Arkansas?

The driving distance is about 370 miles.

What is a City or town in Arkansas that starts with an A?

Austin Arkadelphia Alma Alexander Ashdown Arkansas City

How far is crossett Arkansas to arkadelphia Arkansas?

2 hours to 2 1/2 hours

How did Arkadelphia Arkansas get its name?

Arkadelphia means "city of the Ark of God". It is said that the Ark of the Covenant is buried or kept somewhere in Arkansas, and therefore it made sense to name one of the cities nearby that place, City of the Ark. Philadelphia means City of Love.

How far is Adamsville Alabama to Birmingham Alabama?

10 miles down Arkadelphia Rd (U.S. 78).