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What college should you go to if you want to be a game tester?


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==No college required== Anyone can test Video Games, but few people can write clearly and intelligently about them. If you want to be a good tester and reviewer, you have to be able to articulate your opinions, either to the public or to the game companies who hire you to check out their stuff. So start working on your writing skills. There are plenty of video-game sites that allow people to post their opinions. You should do that. And make sure you read all the reviews of the top-notch critics. See how they organize their thoughts and opinions. Learn from them. And you don't need to limit your writing to video games. Write about anything: movies, books, TV shows, computers, game consoles, music, rock bands, food, sports, whatever. Have fun.


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There is no training required. You need to have the necessary hardware to run the game being tested and have enough time to play the game thoroughly to check for bugs. The rest is up to the game company to choose your name among the thousands of people who want to play test games.

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