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What college will accept a 1000 sat score?

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A college will "accept" any SAT score that you send because they have no choice but it is not likely that a college with a competitive admission process would admit a student with an SAT score of 1000. There are three parts to the SAT--math, critical reading, and writing--and each is worth 800, it would be difficult for the average US high school senior to make a score as low as 1000 on the SAT. I think what you meant to ask is what college would admit a student who scored 1000 on the math/critical reading sections of the SAT. There are many smaller four-year public colleges and many community colleges that have open admissions, meaning that any student with a GED or other high school degree is accepted. Some of the smaller and less well-known private schools also have open admissions. An SAT score of 1000 would not prevent a student from being admitted to a college with open admissions. In fact, such colleges would not even ask for the student's SAT score. A student who makes 1000 on the math/critical reading sections of the SAT should not let that prevent him from attending college if he really wants to go to college and is willing to study hard to remedy any gaps in his education from prior years.

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Yes, you can get into a college with a 1410 SAT score. Most colleges recommend a score of at least 1000 to be accepted.

Most colleges would accept with a 3.75 GPA, but the SAT has top score of 1400. Your score is fair, but you could improve it.

A college that wants 2030 SAT score is Swarthmore College. Swarthmore College is in Pennsylvania and is a private not for profit college.

No. It is below national average and most universities will not accept you based on that score. College averages tend to be 1840 and higher.

No, there are no Universities in Egypt that will accept a student without an SAT score.

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There's no passing or failing for the SAT test. Colleges accept various scores. The best score is 2400 and the lowest score anyone can get by missing every single question is a 600. Generally top-tier colleges accept 2250 to 2400 scores. It really depends on the college in question.

Lots of colleges. If you have a good G.P.A. you should have no problem getting into a good college, just don't count on getting into Harvard.

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It really depends on what score you got on the Sat test. Any score that the college think is good will apply you.

There are many community colleges that will accept low SAT scores or accept students without an SAT score. Regular colleges will also accept students with low SAT scores if they have some interesting volunteer experience or skill.

You may call or click to see what the average SAT score is at this college. This information is not found on the website due to you are directed to the online division for the college.

The University of West Georgia College in Carrollton, Georgia admits applicants based on SAT scores that meet the (TCSG) Technical College System of Georgia requirements. The minimum requirements for SAT reading is 430, SAT Math Score is 410. An SAT reading score of 480, and SAT math score of 480 is required for the international tuition waiver eligibility.

Check the statistics for accepted/enrolled college freshmen SAT average score

Pretty much all US colleges and universities accept the SAT score. The ACT is accepted by most but not the ivy league and a few others. The best books to study for the SAT is The college board's official SAT study guide. Get that book and "Answers and Explanations " by Peter Tanguay. Answers and Explanations has the definitive and complete solutions to the SAT tests in the official SAT study guide. This is all you need to score high on the SAT. Good luck.

On the 1600 scale, a 1330 is fairly good, and many schools will accept that. However, most colleges have switched to the 2400 scale, in which a 1330 is below average. There is usually no "required" SAT score for colleges, but prestigious schools such as Caltech or MIT might instantly reject your application if your SAT score is below 1500, for example (avg score for these schools ~ 2200. Admission is more holistic, i.e. it is possible for a 1600-SAT scorer with an incredible application to get admitted).

I've sat through 4 different college admissions discussions with representatives of 7 different Universities. Almost all accept the highest SAT score when making admissions decisions.

SATs are taken as part of a college admissions requirement. Most universities in the US require an SAT or ACT exam score for admissions. The use of the SAT test is for college admissions to determine your aptitude compared to other applicants to their college. The score you get on the SAT is relative to the score of all other students who took the test.

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