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What colleges accept ACT scores for entrance?

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Almost all colleges accept ACT scores or SAT scores.

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What colleges accept 16 on an act?

There are many colleges that accept students who have a 16 on the ACT. Look for less selective schools, schools that have holistic application review that will consider your other talents in addition to your standardized test scores, and score optional colleges. You will find hundreds of colleges and universities are "test optional" meaning they do not require ACT or SAT scores for admission. Best of luck on your college search!

What colleges will accept low act scores?

community college and slum dog private college may accept you if you score low in ACT. don't afraid my dear kid

What colleges accept Sat and which colleges accept ACT?

Most colleges will accept both, but you will find that, typically, colleges on either US coast will prefer the SAT and colleges are more inland will prefer the ACT.

Can you go to college with no highschool credits?

Many colleges will accept a GED in lieu of a high school diploma. If the college has a competitive entrance program, you've got an uphill fight in front of you, but it can happen (superlative scores on the ACT or SAT will help).

What tests are needed for college entrance?

You will need to have a completed ACT or SAT test before you can get into a college. Some colleges will accept a COMPASS test instead of the ACT or SAT test though.

What colleges will accept you with a 2.0 high school GPA?

AnswerPart of it will depend on your SAT and/or ACT scores. Most community colleges will give you chance, where you can improve your GPA and then get entry into a higher level college or university.

Are your ACT scores ever too old?

No, colleges can make you retake the SAT but not the ACT.

What is the ACT for?

The ACT is a different type of college entrance exam. It is usually taken instead of the SAT, or both are taken. People usually score better on one or the other, and then submit the better of the two scores to colleges.

What colleges will accept a GPA of 2.3?

There are a lot of colleges that will accept a GPA of a 2.3, such as Northern Kentucky University. You will have to meet their benchmarks on the ACT.

What colleges accept a ACT score of 17?

loras college in Iowa will accept you if you get a 17


Colleges use applicants' SAT scores to determine whether to accept them or not; so if you want to apply for colleges you need to either do the SAT or the ACT.

How do you convert 1977 ACT scores to current scores?

Add a point or two to your score. The ACT is easier now and groups like Mensa no longer accept those scores for admission, btw.

What colleges will accept a high school student that score an thirteen on the act?

The ACT is only one part of the admissions criteria. In fact, many colleges and universities do not require the ACT. Still, if you do not meet the entrance requirements of the four year colleges and universities, you can certainly start at your home county community college which is open admissions. If you do well there, you can then transfer to the four year institution to finish your bachelor's degree.

What are the ACT scores required to be a probation officer?

Employers don't look at ACT scores. Community colleges usually offer open enrollment for anyone with a high school diploma, and don't require ACT scores. Four-year universities vary widely in what they consider scores acceptable for enrollment.

What colleges accept 14 on ACT?

None. You will be a hell of a burger flipper though.

Do you send your scores to the 1st four colleges for free with the ACT?

If you feel like you will score well (however you define that) or if you want to save some money, then do send your scores to four colleges (you will have this option while registering for the test).

If you have a 3.3 GPA can you get in a college?

Definitely. All colleges have different levels. It will also depend on your ACT/SAT scores.

What colleges in Georgia don't require SAT scores?

Bauder, Macon, Georgia Gwinnett, etc. Many community colleges don't require SAT or ACT scores for admission. You would need to check with the admissions office of the college you are most interested in attending to see if they require SAT scores for admission.

What scores are needed to pass ACT SAT for multimedia artist?

The scores a student needs on the SAT or ACT depends on where he or she wants to attend college. Some colleges and universities are test optional and do not require admission test scores. Some schools will admit students with below average scores, but other schools have very high standards and only admit students with top scores.

What is the college board for?

The college board is there to help keep track of standardized test scores and to review applications to colleges across the USA. It also helps to help SAT and ACT scores.

What colleges accept 17 on an act?

According to CollegeBoard, there are over 2,500 colleges that will accept a 17 on the ACT. Because there are so many, you should go to www.collegeboard.com and use the College MatchMaker feature and enter 17 in the ACT box, then select other criteria that interests you in a college to narrow down your options. Good luck!

Are all the ACT results accepted virtually by all US colleges and universities?

Most schools won't accept a score under 15. Some schools prefer SAT scores (especially those located in coastal areas) and others (especially in the midwest) prefer the ACT. These preferences are fading, however, and most schools now regard both sets of scores with equal weight.

Are sat scores more important than your average grade to get into colleges?

Colleges look at three things that all add up to 100%. Your GPA is 50% of it, sat/act scores are 25%, and your application and essays and extra curricular activities are the other 25% so no sat scores are not more important. Hope this helps!

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