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none! sadly

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Q: What colleges accept Southeastern High school online diplomas?
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Does any collage accept McHill high school diplomas?

Online high schools and colleges are just as legitimate and accredited as other schools and colleges and their diplomas are generally accepted everywhere. However, admission to a university does not depend solely on where you previously studied. However, admission in a college cannot be rejected just based on studying from an online high school.

Is pennford online high school accedited at most collages?

Usually colleges do not provide accreditation to other colleges or schools. Accreditation is provided by accreditation agencies. Most colleges accept accredited high school diplomas, degrees and certifications. Pennford is an accredited online school so yes it is recognized by most colleges.

What colleges in Florida except correspondence diplomas?

what about a accredited online course, will it except this diploma

Which online colleges accept international applicants?

Unfortunately there aren't many colleges yet that accept international applicants for online education

Do colleges and universities accept Lorenz high school diplomas?

All colleges and universities are now accepting Lorenz's diploma. There might be only a few universities that are unaware of this online university. Since online university is still a growing concept, some universities might show resistance. In summary, all good colleges and universities have started recognizing its diploma.

How do I find out whether my state will accept diplomas from an online realtor school?

You need to check with the School Board in your State to find it.

What online school will American Public University accept a high school diploma?

American Public University will accept most high school diplomas from accredited programs, including home schooling, online high schools and GEDs.

Do universities in Connecticut accept online high school diplomas?

Why in fact they do, there are even some schools such as penn foster that offer them. At the minimum they can prepare you for your GED test.

Is woodfield high school diploma accepted at Denver university?

Colleges and universities do accept high school diplomas issued by an accredited educational institute. Woodfield is an accredited online school. So I don't think why Denver University wouldn't accept it. However, I would like to point out that acceptance of application form for review is no guarantee that you will definitely get admission. Most universities and colleges have their own criteria for admissions and it may vary from one college to another.

Will high school transcripts awarded by the on-line Belford High School be accepted by state colleges universities or military service?

Public colleges and universities and Military services accept high school diplomas issued by accredited or recognized high schools. Most public high schools are recognized and most online schools are also accredited so their diplomas are accepted. However your high school diploma is not a ticket to entrance. You will still have to apply and go through each institution's own evaluation process.

Which colleges in Georgia accept an online diploma from Penn Ford High school?

Emirtaes aviation college do accept pennford hihg school diplom

Would you list all schools that will accept a belford high school diploma?

Academic credentials awarded by accredited educational institutes are accepted by all colleges. Belford is an accredited online school so the diploma they issue should get accepted in almost all colleges.